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  • Pakistan fashion has gone global and showcases all that is positive about Pakistan. Our creativity. Our Energy. Our style. At a time when the worlds headlines focus on our conflict, our fashion industry shows that Pakistan has a future that can be bright.

    Pakistan has been a major cultural hub since ancient times, with a cultural history dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation (2800 1800 BC). Practices and great monuments have been inherited over time through the rulers of the region, from the Persians to the Afghans and the Mughals, each

    of whom have left their imprint on the current inhabitants of the country. Pakistani society is largely multilingual, multi-ethnic and multicultural, each influenced greatly by many of its surrounding countries. Pakistan was the first region of South Asia to receive the full impact of Islam and has developed a distinct Islamic identity, historically different from areas further west. Pakistan has always been a major centre for the arts and literature. Music, dance and poetry have played a major role in Pakistani life over many centuries. Pakistani music is represented by a wide variety of forms, ranging

    from traditional styles such as Qawwali and Ghazal to more modern forms that fuse traditional Pakistani music with Western music. Pakistanis have evolved a distinct and unique set of culture, traditions and customs in the region, at the heart of which are the arts.

    For two decades Adnan Ansari has been central in Pakistans fashion and media industry. Now based in London, England he is launching a series of events that will raise the profile of Pakistani culture and fashion as never before. Riwayat will showcase only the very best of Pakistani design to a European market.


    Background and concept


  • The first of Riwayats new events will be Pakistan Fashion Week UK, a three-day event from the 23rd to the 25th September 2011.

    The event will attract 3,000 people from across the country. The audience will be made up of a significant proportion of high-net-worth individuals from both the white and Asian community. It will include buyers from leading UK fashion houses and retail outlets across the UK and Europe and will represent a significant buying spend.

    The Thursday evening will be inaugural red carpet and gala celebration followed by three days of fashion shows. Each one of the six catwalks will feature four top Pakistan designers and an accompanying exhibition allowing the

    opportunity to purchase quality pieces.

    Hosted at Kensington Great Hall, a purpose built conference facility in the heart of Kensington, London, provides amble space for a 500 strong audience to watch in comfort will be our chosen venue for this launch event.

    Musical artists will be selected that promote an Asian classical style of music.

    Media sponsor ARY DIGITAL will broadcast the event allowing for a live pre-event show with the designers and TV broadcast of the Fashion Shows.


    Event details



  • Rizwan Beyg is termed as the fashion guru of Pakistan. Beygs entry in the fashion world was accidental rather than intentional. He was challenged by his friends and being the adventurous type he accepted it. Beyg organized a charity show in which his designs were displayed. People were overawed by what they saw and so Rizwan Beyg the designer was born.

    Rizwan Beygs designs are quite different. He mostly uses pastel shades and is known for his masterful use of black and white. His bridal wears is not drowned in heavy embroidery, zardozi and resham work. The

    use of embellishment is also restricted but the dresses are elegant and beautiful. His designs are basic like his palette but very chic.

    Rizwan has done countless shows both in Pakistan and abroad and has received appreciation. He never ceases to stun the foreign media and people with his designs. His designs though traditional border more towards the west. Rizwan Beyg holds the distinction of being the first designer to introduce designer printed cotton and voile fabrics at affordable prices. His designs are versatile and artistic. Rizwan Beyg also designed dresses for the late Princess Diana.


    The fashion guru


    Queen of the stage

    Maheen Karim is a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After working with globally acclaimed fashion houses in the west Maheen returned to Pakistan to start her own label in spring 2006.

    MAHEENKARIM is a ready to wear label that is Pakistans first to specialise in womens western eveningwear. It focuses on the creation of eclectic luxury garments with the aide of novel cuts and a silhouette with universal charm.

    She was recently awarded the prestigious Lux Style Award 2008 for achievement as best Prt-a-Porter designer in Pakistan as well as the MTV Most Stylish Designer Award. Whilst still in its infancy this label has already seen immense success and soaring sales in prominent boutiques all over Pakistan, the UAE as well as via

    exhibitions in Singapore.

    Maheen aims to use the spectacular raw materials and craftsmanship obtainable to her in Pakistan to its fullest promise in order to create garments of global appeal. The passion to create trendy silhouettes and experiment with shape allows her to furnish the woman of 21st century Pakistan and abroad with a sanctuary where she is able find glamour and glitz in a garment without feeling the need to travel overseas in search of grandeur.

    These exquisite pieces not only stand out because of the form they take but they are also galvanized in an immaculate elegance with the use of remarkably unusual methods of embellishment. Swarovki crystals embroidered into a tuxedo top dress shirt or even a tailcoat, hence adorning the chic elegance in the woman of today and styling her dapper.

  • Faiza Samee is an award winning design house with an unparalleled expertise in some of the rarest and most intricate embroideries in the world.

    Creating contemporary ensembles steeped in cultural tradition has been a driving passion for Faiza. The label strives to systematically reintroduce lost skills in its workshops and disseminate them to a newer generation; simultaneously developing aesthetic knowledge through extensive research, and creating relevant, modern pieces that celebrate traditional artistry, while exploring a vibrant colour palette.

    Faiza Samee's mastery of her art has won her international acclaim. Among her many achievements she was chosen to create the late Benazir Bhutto's wedding outfit and has exhibited pieces at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Immensely popular with clientele at home and in India and the Middle East, Faiza Samee is a credit to Pakistan and its fashion industry.


    The embroider

  • The Czarina of style and a true blue universal designer, Shamaeel, has to her credit 24 years of work in the fashion's eclectic industry. With grit and chic she not only established her brand but reigned supreme like the quintessential Prima Donna of couture.

    After a brief hiatus from the arc lights when she took timeout to enhance her skills in International sourcing and distribution, Shamaeel makes a grand comeback to take a bow center stage, in Pakistan.

    Shamaeel's style which is laced with magnificence and grandeur is a natural fallback to her background. While her couture is luxuriant and distinctly bordering on the regal, her new prt is a cluster of price sensitive high fashion that leaves a unique stamp of ingenuity on a mlange of fabrics.


    Prima donna of couture

  • While, for many fashion designers, it can seem like a long, hard road to discovery and acceptance into the fashion world, it was different for Ayesha. She started offering her collection in 2005 and her label instantly received acclaim. Her label, AFH, is synonymous with refinement, with each garment epitomising glamour and a brand new depth of detail.

    Following the design philosophy of being simple, yet chic, with gorgeous embellishments in vibrant eclectic colours, her creations are a wonder to both fashion enthusiasts and critics. What sets Ayesha apart from her contemporaries is both the comfort and flair of her apparel. Each masterpiece demonstrates an understated elegance, accentuating the femininity of a woman without hiding her strengths.

    Ayesha takes great pride in her work and enjoys every moment creating the fresh look that embodies the contemporary

    woman. Her timeless pieces, uniquely finished with artisans expertise are exquisitely detailed and refined.

    Ayesha tends to use everything from voiles to chiffons, silks and charmeuse and enjoys working with sheer fabrics, beads and crystals. Emerging from the craving for uniqueness and seasonal styling, each piece exudes a confidence which begs to be noticed.

    She effortlessly fuses fashion with romance. Her success is attributed, not only to the nonconformist designs featuring a sexy mix of urban chic and classic glamour but also an eclectic mix of unfussy details, shapes, flowy fabrics and the attention to detail.

    The outfits are sweet, spicy, naughty and nice, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, but never bland.AFH has exhibited privately in London and Dubai several times. Retail pre