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  1. 1. Fashion Trend Reference Book Childrens Wear By: Brook-Lynn Johnson
  2. 2. Current Trends Slide 3 Girls Slide 4-9 Introductory Statement Slide 5 Leggings Slide 6 Skirts Slide 7 Hair Accessories Slide 8 Dresses Slide 9 Boys Slide 10-13 Introductory Statement Slide 11 Blazers Slide 12 Skinnies Slide 13 Unisex Slide 14-20 Introductory Statement Slide 15 Trench Coats Slide 16 Beanies Slide 17 Cardigans Slide 18 Scarves Slide 19 Sunglasses/Glasses Slide 20 Table of Contents
  3. 3. The current trend in childrens wear is dressing the children as if they were adults There are not as many cartoon characters being put into the childrens fashion as much as there was. There are more accessories being added such as scarves, sunglasses and hats Current Trends
  4. 4. Childrens Wear: Girls
  5. 5. Introductory Statement Currently the young female children are dressing more like the adult women. Some of the adults styles are being brought down to the young girls such as leggings, skirts, dresses and some of their hair accessories.
  6. 6. Leggings
  7. 7. Skirts
  8. 8. Hair Accessories
  9. 9. Dresses
  10. 10. Childrens Wear: Boys
  11. 11. Introductory Statement Male adults and male children have always had some of the same fashion styles, but now some of the adults blazer styles are trickling down to the children.
  12. 12. Blazers
  13. 13. Skinnies
  14. 14. Childrens Wear: Unisex
  15. 15. Introductory Statement There are a few styles that are considered unisex, in which both girl and boys may wear. Currently some of those designs include trench coats, beanies, cardigans scarves and sunglasses.
  16. 16. Trench Coats
  17. 17. Beanies
  18. 18. Cardigans
  19. 19. Scarves
  20. 20. Sunglasses/Glasses