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  • 1. IN GEO WILD FASHION MARKETING MANAGEMENT Submitted by : Darshita Dave(7) Santhi Biju(31) Vishal k (39) Submitted to: Prof.Sivkumar Belli

2. ~ Susan George CONTENTS INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVE CURRENT MARKET SCENARIO SEGMENTATION TARGETING AND POSITIONING VIABILITY ANALYSIS VISION AND MISSION MARKET MIX SWOT ANALYSIS CONCLUSION 3. INTRODUCTION A brand for young India that wants to be close to nature and is courageous enough to embrace it. India is a country known for its rich culture ,heritage ,art history traditions and spices. Every year a large number of tourists as well as vacationers visit various destinations across India, How ever the country more than merely culture, history and heritage; it offers of a number of a popular destinations for for adventure sports such as camping trekking scuba diving snow skiing mountain biking river rafting etc. There are number of adventure related areas in country for adventure sports and eco tourism. 4. To cater to the growing needs of adventure sports merchandise in India at best possible quality and affordable prices. OBJECTIVE 5. In India this being a very new concept , hardly any brand has ventures into providing all the trekking related merchandise at one place. There are brands catering to sports wear but those are not suitable for trekking related activities and definitely not for adventure sports. Also in addition while going out a lot more preparation and specific merchandise are needed which are not available with these brands. Also because of such specific merchandise needs prices are high and quality is uncertain and availability is low. Thus we aim to provide affordable best quality merchandise with easy availability . CURRENT MARKET SCENARIO 6. SEGMENTATION TARGETING POSITIONING 7. SEGMENTATION AND TARGET MARKET SEGMENTATION TARGET Geographic Indian Metropolitans and Adventure Sports Hub Demographic: Age Income 20yrs to 30yrs Rs 50,000/month and above Psychographic Social Class Personality Upper Middle Class & Upper Class Nature Lovers & Adventure Sports Freak Behavioral Service User Loyalty Readiness Stage Quality & Convenience High Loyalty Interested & Unaware 8. Niche marketing Spreading awareness about nature To get people close to nature TARGET MARKETING 9. VIABILITY ANALYSIS 'Adventure Travel Survey', conducted by online travel portal Trip Advisor, highlighted the evolving trends and preferences of the Indian traveler. According to the survey, around 46 percent respondents are willing to try out extreme adventure sports, but 60 percent were deterred by high costs. "About 53 percent of the respondents claimed to be planning a holiday with the purpose of participating in an adventure activity within the next six months, with most popular activities ranging from camping and para-gliding to bungee jumping, sky diving and scuba diving," said Nikhil Ganju, country manager, Trip Advisor India. Clubbing seems to be a dying trend as only 15.3 per cent chose to spend their weekend in a club or pub. The website carried the survey across various portals targeting the age group of 18 to 40. Cost continues to remain the biggest deterrent with 60 percent of the respondents admitted that they could never make up their mind when it came to indulging in adventure activity as it was too expensive. Interestingly, the share of respondents who claimed to participate in extreme sports regularly or occasionally was 30 percent and an impressive 31 percent of the people, who had never participated in an extreme sport, were willing to try it out at least once. 10. POSITION A brand for young India which wants to be close to nature and is courageous enough to embrace it. USP: One stop solution for all your trekking and adventure sport related merchandise. 11. MISSION To Bring Young generation close to nature. VISION To become the most sought after brand providing Quality, Innovation and Consistency in the niche segment of adventure sports. Also, to build a strong and loyal customer base close to nature . 12. MARKETING MIX 13. PRODUCT ADTREKKESSENTIALS Tent Tent footprint Tent-pole repair sleeve Sun shade or screen house Sleeping bags Sleeping pads Air mattresses Pad/mattress repair kit Pump for air mattresses Pillows Multi-tool or knife Trekking poles Rolling jogger Mallet or hammer Headlamps Flashlights Lanterns Water filter Inflatable boat with paddles and PFDs Fishing gear (and license) Canoeing/kayaking gear CLOTHINGESSENTIALS Moisture-wicking T- shirts Moisture-wicking undergarments Quick-drying pants/shorts Long-sleeve shirts (for sun, bugs) Sun-shielding hats Swimsuits Bandanas or buffs Boots or shoes suited to terrain Socks Sleepwear Insulating jacket or vest Insulated pants Gloves or mittens Rainwear (jacket and pants) Clothesline with clips Water sandals In-camp sandals or booties PERSONALESSENTIALS GPS receiver Sunscreen Insect repellent Hand sanitizer Alcohol or antiseptic wipes eyeglasses First-aid kit (see First-Aid checklist) earplugs Shower water bag Maps Two-way radios 14. PRODUCT 15. PRICE 16. PLACE Initial plan is to set up thorough e-commerce and eventually when our brand is established enough we will open up retail outlets in all the metro cities of India .Targeting mainly the adventure hotspots in India. 17. PROMOTION The promotion strategy of our brand are as follows: Promotion through social media marketing such as Facebook Tie-up with communities like Harley Davidson Club, Royal Enfield and organize trips and events. Special offers and discounts are given to the members of the IN GEO WILD organization. We also plan to advertise our brand through brochures and pamphlets . We also have plan to promote our brand by organizing trips and providing awareness to the youth that how interesting and exciting is our nature more than the indoor activities. 18. SWOT ANALYSIS 19. SWOT STRENGTH ONEOFA KIND PRODUCT NO COMPETITORS AFFORDABLE PRICE RANGE ONE STOP SHOP WEAKNESS UNCERTAINITY ABOUT THE RESPONSE OPPURTUNITY PEOPLE ARE GETTING MORE ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY AND THAT IS OUR CORE CONCEPT THREAT NEW COMPETITORS OF NEW ESTABLISHED BRAND AND TAKE OVER 20. CONCLUSION In Geo Wild is a one stop solution for all the adventure sports merchandise. A brand for young Indians who want to be close to nature and are courageous enough to embrace it. Our plan is to expand the brand also for the conservation of flora and fauna, and are willing to protect the mother nature with all our dedication.