Fashion Centers 1 Chapter 4 Fashion Centers Design and Buying Centers Global Impact of Fashion

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  • Fashion Centers 1 Chapter 4 Fashion Centers Design and Buying Centers Global Impact of Fashion
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  • Fashion Centers 2 Chapter Objectives Describe a fashion design center. Define a buying center. Explain how design and buying centers impact local economies. Identify the most important design centers. Explain the importance of global sourcing in the fashion industry. Describe how cultural influences affect mainstream fashion.
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  • Fashion Centers 3 What Is a Design Center? A thriving design center can make a city important in the fashion world. design center a district in a city where fashion design and production firms are clustered together Section 4.1 fashion weeks periods during each year when fashion designers present new designs or collections Design centers host important fashion shows during fashion weeks.
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  • Fashion Centers 4 International Design Centers Major design centers include: Section 4.1 Paris New York Milan London Tokyo
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  • Fashion Centers 5 International Design Centers Since the 1700s, the city of Paris has been synonymous with haute couture and has been the home to couturiers. haute couture French term for high fashion, which is expensive, trend-setting, custom- made apparel Section 4.1 couturiers professional fashion designers, involved in designing, making, and selling high fashion Coco Chanel and Yves St. Laurent are examples of couturiers.
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  • Fashion Centers 6 International Design Centers Atla moda, the Italian term for high fashion, is centered in the city of Rome. Designers in Milan concentrate primarily on ready-to-wear garments. Italian fashion is known for its beautiful fabrics and sophisticated prints. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 7 International Design Centers New York City is considered to be the center of U.S. fashion. Almost two-thirds of U.S fashion manufacturing is located in New York. New York designers present their creations during designated fashion weeks. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 8 International Design Centers London was originally noted for classic business suits. London fashion now focuses on high-quality, ready-to-wear garments. There are about ten design centers throughout the United Kingdom. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 9 International Design Centers Tokyo has quickly become one of the leading fashion design centers. Fashion companies in Tokyo not only produce Japanese designs but also have licenses to produce European and American apparel products. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 10 U.S. Design Centers Important design centers in the U.S. include: Section 4.1 New York City, New York Los Angeles, California Dallas, Texas Miami, Florida
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  • Fashion Centers 11 What Is a Buying Center? Buying centers are concentrated in geographic areas where manufacturers promote their newest lines or a group of styles and designs. buying centers a central district in a city where fashion businesses sell products to retail buyers Section 4.1
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  • What Is a Buying Center? The Importance of Buying Centers Out-of-town apparel buyers generate millions of dollars for the local economy. 12
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  • Fashion Centers 13 U.S. Buying Centers The apparel industry designates particular market weeks to present different components of fashion products. market weeks the major times scheduled by fashion producers to show fashions to buyers Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 14 U.S. Buying Centers New Yorks Garment District is the primary buying center in the country. Many retailers avoid New York and use regional buying centers in cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, or Miami. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 15 U.S. Buying Centers A larger regional center may have several building clusters, or marts. mart a building that houses thousands of showrooms for a specific merchandise category Section 4.1 Different marts may be devoted to specific apparel or accessory groups. (Ex: prom/evening wear, handbags, etc.)
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  • Fashion Centers 16 Heart of the Fashion Industry Design centers and buying centers represent the heart of the fashion industry. Design centers represent the centers of creativity. Buying centers represent the centers of commerce. Section 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 17 Global Sourcing and Production To reduce costs and maximize profits, many textile and apparel manufacturers have begun global sourcing. Section 4.2 global sourcing the identifying and negotiating of supply chains in numerous world locations
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  • Section 4.2 How Fashion Travels Globalization Need to reduce costs Time-to-market concerns Product lead times +++ More complex sourcing and production strategies = 18 The global chain of production must remain flexible to enable producers to respond to the latest fashion trends.
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  • Fashion Centers 19 Culture and Fashion see Page 80 The influence of culture or ethnicity cycles in and out of fashion. Section 4.2 culture the system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts attributed to members of a specific society Some ethnic styles become classic, or standard.
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  • Fashion Centers 20 Main Points What are three of the most important international design centers? New York, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo What is the difference between a fashion design center and a buying center? Fashion design center is where the creative functions of design and production happen. A buying center is a where fashion businesses sell products to retail buyers. How do fashion design centers and buying centers benefit the cities in which they are located? Stimulate the economy and increase revenue to a city through other businesses A. B. C. Section 4.1 4.1
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  • Fashion Centers 21 Fashion weeks are periods during each year when fashion designers present new designs or collections. 1. 1.Describe the concept of fashion weeks hosted by design centers. Local governments are happy to have organizations promote the fashion industry within particular cities. It brings in tourism and increases the economy. 2. continued Checking Concepts 2.Explain how local governments support design centers.
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  • Fashion Centers 22 3.What do we call the geographic areas where manufacturers promote and sell their newest lines? Manufacturers promote their lines in buying centers (such as New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas). 3. Other businesses that benefit include hotels, restaurants, transportation services, and other non-fashion businesses. 4. continued Checking Concepts 4.Name some businesses besides fashion businesses that benefit from design and buying centers.
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  • Fashion Centers 23 5.Identify the major design centers of the world. Paris, Milan, New York City, London, and Tokyo.New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami Checking Concepts 6.Identify the major buying centers of the United States..
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  • Fashion Centers 24 Critical Thinking Checking Concepts 7. Identify a culture that has significantly influenced fashion of the last two years and give examples of items of apparel. Answers may include any culture that has influenced fashion with reasonable examples. Some cultures may include Asian, western, and urban, Bahamian, Aztec. 7.


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