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  1. 1. By:Diksha GargMBA 1
  3. 3. Introduction to FacebookFacebook is a well known socialnetworking service and website launchedin February 2004, which is operated andprivately owned by Facebook Inc.
  4. 4. So what's all the Hype?What exactly is Facebook?Facebook is a social networking websiteFacebook is a free service that allows you tocreate an online page to connect with friends,family, or make new friends with anyoneanywhere.On your Facebook page you can sharepictures, personal information , messages,videos , join groups and add applications.
  5. 5. Facebooks History The website was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin,Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes in 2004. All founders were students at Harvard University. Membership was originally restricted to students of HarvardCollege, and within the first month, more than half theundergraduate population at Harvard was registered on theservice. Facebook founders promoted the website. It became highlyused by universities in the United states and gradually mostuniversities in Canada.
  6. 6. Day after day, the website became an interestinginvestment for entrepreneurs, Facebook becameincorporated in mid 2004. In 2007, Microsoft announced that it had purchaseda 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million, givingFacebook a total implied value of around $15 billion. In April 2012 Facebook bought the applicationInstagram for US$1 billion.
  7. 7. Facebook and orkut Orkut was founded byOrkut Bykkkten inJanuary 24 2004 .Lateracquired by google. Orkut is famous in Brazil (50.6%) and India(20.4%) Facebook transformed as a platform whereprogrammers can create applications on it,Todaythere are 800,000 developers around the world.
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS of orkutSTRENGTHSOrkut has simple user interface that aaverage person can use it without hassle.orkut has some better security featureslike applying security for photos,scraps.Orkut there are some 100+ pluginsWEAKNESSLack possibilities of integrating secureapplications inside WebPages.No game application is integrated right insidethe Orkut.No e-mail confirmation to prove thegenuineness of a person before the moderatorof a community approves the request.OPPORTUNITYOrkut recently updated its interface with newone.Orkut released Photo Tag feature.12/15 Orkut applications are very popular. Orkut recently launched poke feature.Orkut still have a huge market share in Indiaalthough the growth is not high.THREATOrkut has got an unnprofessional look of fewfeatures.Orkut has got only 100+ pluggins comparedto more than 1000 application for Facebook.One cannot always configure the options forprivacy as deemed appropriate.
  9. 9. Facebook Features: Facebook Chat Friending: sending friend requests to users Facebook credits: allows users to buy virtual products forgames and apps on Facebook Listen with friends: allows you to listen to music with yourfriends Like button Messages and Inbox Notifications Poke: gesture to attract another users attention Photos and Photo tagging
  10. 10. The People of Facebook Everyone is capable of using Facebook since it is veryeasy to use. People from different ages are able to login and socialize. There has been a survey conducted to collectinformation regarding who uses Facebook. Almost 100% of the responses stated that teenagersare the most users of this social network.
  12. 12. Over 1.3 billion users across 212countries
  13. 13. Survey Response for:Who uses Facebook the most
  14. 14. Females constitute 60% of total users
  15. 15. Why Use Facebook? People use Facebook to fulfill two basic socialneeds:1. The need to fit in2. The need for self-presentation
  16. 16. Benefits of Facebook Easy to use. A connecting tool to stay in touch with family andfriends. Facebook allows you post anything on your wall, soyou can freely express thoughts and ideas. It is a more effective way of advertising.
  17. 17. Facebook is specifically beneficial in business: It is a great opportunity for businesses tomake their products known. Allows businesses gain many new customers. Provides an opportunity for sellers to buildsuccessful business cases as they targetspecific vertical markets with specific businessobjectives.
  18. 18. Drawbacks of Facebook Time consumption Facebook addiction Privacy considerations
  20. 20. 56% of FB users play GAMES% of GAMERSGamersNon gamers
  21. 21. 3 out of every 5 users
  22. 22. Over 60 million people were addicted
  23. 23. FB affecting youth
  24. 24. FB Addiction Detector
  25. 25. Giving up FB is like giving upsmoking
  26. 26. Once You Are Addicted, ItsHard To Recover
  27. 27. Facebook is one of the most famous social networks. It is widely used by people of both genders anddifferent ages. It is easy to use and it is a good way to remain sociallyinteractive with friends and family. If we use it correctly, then we can avoid all thedisadvantages that might occur if we are not carefulenough.
  28. 28. WHATSAPP
  29. 29. Whats up?WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messagingapp which allows users to exchange messages -and much more-withouthaving to pay for them. It is cool, right?!_
  30. 30. Founded in 2008BrianActonJamKoumWho?was founded by two guys who spent combined20 years geeky stuff at Yahoo! Inc. before startingWhatsApp.
  31. 31. Where?Founded in the heart of Silicon VallAlready translated to 32 languages.Available for iPhone, BlackBerry,Android,Nokia.ey.Windows Phones and
  32. 32. TECHNOLOGY Embodied Technology Technology Enablers Compatibility Interface Bandwidth Security Programming Language JavaScript Image Formats JPEG PNG
  33. 33. SWOT ANALYSISSWTStrengthsLoyal customersMarket share leadershipNo need to logGroup ChatAllow send videos, pictures,voice notesNo need to add friendsNo need PIN or user numberAvailable for all platformsOpportunitiesAdvanced technologyIncreased demand forsmart phonesNew acquisitionsNew products & servicesThreatsCompetitionProduct substitutionSimilar applications andfreeOWeaknessesNot diversifiedCompetitive marketOnly works with a data planor wi - fi
  34. 34. azingts aboutAfamc
  35. 35. 55Employees32 engineers in themillion ratio of developersteam, which means, 1 to 14to active users
  36. 36. 430 million430of monthly active users 400350300250200Apr13 Jun13 Aug13 Oct13 Dec13 Jan14and growing, WhatsApp is addingover 1 million new users each day.
  37. 37. sy72% usercheck the app everydaIn contrast, the industry standard is between 10% and 20%, and only a handful of companies top 50%.The average numberthe applicationof times that users checkis 23 times per day
  38. 38. 50 Everyday Whatsapp processesbillioan average user sn messagesends more than 1000per monthmessages
  39. 39. 5iAn average WhatsApp us00millionmages sent per dayer uploads 40 photos,sends 7 videos & 13 voices messages per month
  40. 40. Not diversified Weak distribution network To access the account can only be paid bycredit card only Only works with a data plan or wifi Competition Product substitution Similar applications and free
  41. 41. CREATING WEALTH FOR THENATION Its free only for 1 year, just to make people get used toit and become addicted so that once the trialexpires, people pay $0.99.Ways to create wealth- 1. Advertising 2. Subscribers 3. Selling Data 4. Royalties 5. Freemium 6. Affiliation
  42. 42. TO DELAY THE MATURITYPERIOD Add video calling feature Changing GUI and all itsgraphics.
  43. 43. RESULTS FROM CASE STUDY Messaging used to cost rs. 5 earlier. Then way2sms came in with free sms. And then whatsapp came up with innovation like:No login or logout. All most free. Supports almost all platforms like windows,andriod, black berry, apple. Large number of emoticons. Automatic connection through contacts.
  45. 45. TOPCompetitors Of
  46. 46. Country of Origin: IndiaNo. of users: 15M+
  47. 47. Country of Origin: ChinaNo of users: 300M+
  48. 48. Country of Origin: United StatesNo of users: 700M+
  49. 49. Country of Origin: CanadaNo of users: 40M+
  50. 50. Country of Origin: CyprusNo of users: 280M+
  51. 51. Country of Origin: CanadaNo of users: 80M+
  52. 52. Country of Origin: United StatesNo of users: 130M+
  53. 53. Country of Origin: South KoreaNo of users: 130M+
  54. 54. Country of Origin: JapanNo. of users: 350M+
  55. 55. User millionsPlatform
  56. 56. ACQUISTION
  57. 57. Facebook announcedon 19th February thepurchase of WhatsAppin a $19Billion deal.It means $ 42 per WhatsApp user.WhatsApp reportedly earned total revenuesof about 20 million last year.
  58. 58. Break Up Of $19 BillionWats App Buy: $4 billion in cash + $12 billion worth FB shares + $3 billion ESOP(Employee StockOwnership Plan.)
  59. 59. How are they doing the money?WhatsApp is free for the first year. After that, it charges $ 0.99for continued service. Not toomuch?Pure SubscriptionRevenue Model.$ 0,99/per year
  60. 60. Whatsapp maybe worth morethan $19 BillionAnalysts predict that WhatsApp couldreach 2Bn users and generate ARPUof $2,50 at 80% margins.
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