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8 simple Facebook marketing principles that we can learn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  • 1. FACEBOOK MARKETING LESSONS Alison Zarrella @Alison
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  • 3. Give Em What They Want
  • 4. Crowdsource Your Content
    • Check the pulse of your target market and talk about your brand, as well as industry-related or interesting articles. Exclusive are always good, too.
    • Take the advice of your fans, and use it to your advantage. Really listen to feedback and suggestions for future content ideas. Give them what they want.
  • 5. Be Predictable
  • 6. Pick a Pattern
    • Branded content brings more personality to your Page by establishing patterns and themes for each day. These overarching topics allow for flexibility in specific content, while also setting expectations of material.
    • This gives Page Members something to look forward to, while also helping them very quickly recognize your posts in their newsfeed.
  • 7. Dont Push, Persuade
  • 8. Stay Subtle in Social Media
    • This is not place to push product offers or go for the hard sell. The best brands provide fun, engaging content for their Page Members to enjoy.
    • Provide links to buy, but dont force it. Good content will naturally persuade people to purchase, without seeming too pushy.
  • 9. Keep Spinoffs Simple
  • 10. Dont Dilute Your Brand
    • Dont waste time managing multiple Pages or Groups. Concentrate on one effective, all inclusive presence and use Tabs to organize content.
    • Occasionally, it is worth maintaining 2 Pages when they serve very different audiences. But mostly you will be fracturing your Likes and brand equity.
  • 11. Keep Your Options Open
  • 12. Cross-Promote Content
    • Connect all your sites with automated applications to keep a steady stream of new content coming. RSS feeds can post to your wall as well as a custom tab.
    • Use your email list, blog and websites to push to your Facebook Page, and vice versa. Run joint promotions that stretch across platforms.
  • 13. Go With the Flow
  • 14. Facebook Should Be Fun
    • Dont take your brand too seriously. Most of what is shared in Social Media is quick, funny or entertaining snippets of content.
    • Admit mistakes, and poke fun of yourself a bit. Facebook is the perfect place to show a more human side of your brand, through photos and an approachable brand voice.
  • 15. Imitation is Flattery (Really)
  • 16. Keep Your Cool With Copycats
    • Dont stress over Community Pages, User Groups or other uses of your brand name. You cant shut them all down, and it will only look petty if you try.
    • Spend more time on your Page marketing and you will outrank and out perform copycat Pages. At the end of the day, it will be clear which one is official.
  • 17. Know When to Let Go
  • 18. See What Works (Or Not)
    • Facebook moves fast, and youve got to keep up. Dont be afraid to try new things. And be ready to switch tactics if somethings not working.
    • Respond to negative backlashto a point. But know when enough is enough. Social media can be fickle, and you need to be prepared to walk away from an idea.
  • 19. Remember
    • Give them what they want by crowdsourcing your content and listening to Page Member feedback. And dont forget to offer exclusive info and deals.
    • Be predictable and create content patterns and themes to brand your content and keep Page Members coming back for more.
    • Dont push, persuade your Page Members. The hard sell doesnt work on Facebook, so youve got to provide some actual, interesting content.
    • Keep spinoffs simple and concentrate on one effective, all inclusive presence and use Tabs to organize content. Dont waste time managing multiple Pages.
    • Keep your options open and dont forget the rest of your web properties. Cross-promote your content and use them as part of your Facebook strategy.
    • Go with the flow when it comes to your brand, and have some fun. Facebook is the perfect place to show a more human side of your brand.
    • Imitation really is flattery , so dont sweat the small stuff. Leave the fan groups alone, and focus on making your official content even better.
    • Know when to let go and dont force an idea that isnt working. Try a lot of new things, and expect a few to fail. Its OK.
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