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  • 1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1-0-1Brainchild of American Writer/DirectorJoss Whedon.Synergistic storytelling; Joss at thehelm.Led to TV spin-off, comics, novels,video games.Intercompositional transmedia artifact.

2. The Buffyverse & Canon BuffyWhat is the Buffyverse?BTVS is regularly cited as one of the mostpopular cult shows of all time.good transmedia campaigns should anchor corefans into their campaign. - Dan LightSpeaking of Darkhorse Comics, they are startinga new Buffy comic...and Angel and be canon in theBuffy world. And I understand it that way cause IMWRITING IT. - Joss WhedonReboot = FAIL. 3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)Point of entry for thetransmedia franchise.Established the storyworld. Retroactive transmediaartifact. 4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)Primary medium of thetransmedia franchise.Considerably enhanced thestoryworld established in themovie.Themes: Shifting nature ofgood and evil. 5. Angel(1999-2004)The first major point of viewshift.Many characters caRry over,many new ones areintroduced.Buffyverse is expanded, bothin L.A and Sunnydale.Crossover episodes. 6. Buffy the vampire slayercomic books/season 8-9Produced by joss wheden & Published by dark horsecomics on march 14 2007Continues after the 7th season of buffy tv series (2007-2011)Season 8 comic book series followed by season 9comic book seriesIn season 9 comics a major character dies, significantlyadvancing the plot in the comic book platform andcreating a narrative gap for those who did not read thisseries. 7. BTVS: Xbox game(2002)Set in a narrative gap in the TV show.Relied on typically wry Buffy-stylehumour.Features voiceover work of many ofthe shows principle actors. 8. Buffy the vampire slayerpiecework cardsReleased for buffy the vampireslayers 10th anniversaryMakes the storyworld tangible tothe userSubsetsExclusive information aboutcharacters/storyworld by creatorjoss whedenExclusive season 8 cards withnew storylines for buffy season8 9. In the ideal form of transmediastorytelling, each medium does whatit does best-so that a story might beintroduced in a film, expandedthrough television, novels, andcomics, and its world might beexplored and experienced throughgame play.Henry Jenkins, Transmedia Storytelling, 10. ReferencesSHAW, B. 2010. Interview with Dan Light, Part I: engagingonline communities [Online]. BBH LABS Available: http://bbh-labs.com/interview-with-dan-light-part-i-engaging-online-communities/ [Accessed 7th April 2013].ULABY, N. 2003. Buffy Studies End of TV Series CloudsFuture of Odd Academic Discipline [Online]. NPR. Available:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1262180[Accessed 5th April 2013]. JENKINS, H. 2003. Transmedia Storytelling [Online]. MITTechnology Review. Available:http://www.technologyreview.com/news/401760/transmedia-storytelling/page/3/ [Accessed 1st April 2013].


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