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Like, you're TOTALLY undead to me! Now you can play your favourite character from the hit TV series or bring a new Slayer to town. Based on the UniSystem game rules, this tabletop role-playing game makes Slaying fun and easy to learn.


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG - Core RulebookFront CoverContentsThe Waiting1: It's The Slayer's World, We Just Play HereWhat the-?The DirectorGame SessionsGetting StartedSummary of ChaptersConventionsTextDiceGenderMeasurementsBuffyverseCosmologyPreviously, on BuffySeason OneSeason TwoSeason ThreeSeason FourSeason Five2: Some Assembly RequiredCasting CallThe Scooby GangA New CastThe CombinationAssigning CharactersSlayer OptionsThe Creation ProcessThe Character ElementsThe Character SheetCharacter TypeHeroWhite HatExperienced HeroAttributesBuying AttributesThe Meaning of NumbersThe Six AttributesStrengthDexterityConstitutionIntelligencePerceptionWillpowerAttribute BonusesLife PointsQualities & DrawbacksChanges During PlayList of Qualities & DrawbacksAcute/Impared SenseAddictionAdversaryAgeArtistAttractivenessClownContactsCovetousDependantEmotional ProblemsFast Reaction TimeGood/Bad LuckHard to KillHonorableHumorlessInitiative CommandoJockLoveMental ProblemsMilitary RankMinorityMisfitNatural ToughnessNerdNerves of SteelObligationObsessionOccult LibraryParanoidPhotographic MemoryPhysical DisabilityPsychic VisionsRecklessRecurring NightmaresResistanceResourcesRobotSecretShowoffSituational AwarenessSlayerSorceryTalentlessTeenagerVampireWatcherWerewolfZealotSkillsBuying SkillsAcrobaticsArtComputersCrimeDoctorDrivingGetting MedievalGun FuInfluenceKnowledgeKung FuLanguagesMr. Fix ItNoticeOccultismScienceSportsWild CardCombat ManeuversDrama PointsFinishing TouchesArchetypesNew SlayerFormer Initiative AgentDemon HunterMartial ArtistWatcherPsychicScooby Gang MemberFootball PlayerHackerBeginner WitchFormer Vampire GroupieAmateur HunterThe Original CastSeasonal AdjustmentsBuffy Anne SummersWillow RosenbergAlexander LaVelle Harris/XanderRupert GilesSpike (aka William the Bloody)Anyanka "Anya" EmersonRiley FinnDaniel Ozbourne/OzTara MaclayAngelCordelia ChaseDawn Summers3: Rules, Borders and an End ZoneRunning a GameThe BasicsSuccess LevelsResisted ActionsRoll ModifiersTo Roll or Not to RollUsing Attributes and SkillsMovementHitting the Books: ResearchAbility ScoresThe Quick SheetFear and Loathing: Getting the WigginsCombatKeeping It LivelyBreaking It Down: Turns, Initiative and ActionsCombat ManeuversCombat ComplicationsGuns, Crossbows and Other MissilesDamage: How Much Does it Hurt?Damage-Go FigureTypes of DamageWeapon DescriptionsArmorBad Stuff: InjuryGetting Better: Healing and Medical HelpMore Bad Stuff: Suffocation, Falls, Poison and DiseaseBreaking StuffSample CombatThe Drama Point SystemUsing Drama PointsHeroic FeatI Think I'm OkayPlot TwistRighteous FuryBack From the DeadEarning Drama PointsExperience PointsQuotable QuotesHeroic ActsWhen Bad Things Happen To Good PeopleThe Agony That Is LifeSupport Your Local HeroExperience and ImprovementExperience Point AwardsUsing Experience Points4: Playing With Primal ForcesMagic: What, How and WhoHitting the Books: Magic LibrariesThe RitualAftermathBasic SpellcastingGame LingoPurposeResearchPreparationsSpellcastingEffectDispelling Magical EffectsWitches and WarlocksSorcery: Power of the WitchWitch and Warlock PowersImproved SpellcastingTelekinesisQuick CastingCreating New SpellsPower LevelPeople AffectedEffect StrengthDurationSpell RequirementsSpell ListRevoke InvitationThespia's Demon DetectionSpell of BlindnessBloodstone Vengeance SpellLightning BoltAmy's "Rat-Ification" Spell5: Sunnydale After DarkOverviewConspiracy of SilencePlaces To GoSunnydale HighGoing to CollegeCrestwood CollegeUniversity of California - SunnydaleParty TimeThe BronzeThe Fish TankSunset ClubWilly's PlaceMedical FacilitiesThe Magic BoxThe CemetariesGoing UndergroundThe InitiativeAll This, and a Hellmouth TooLairsPeople to SeeThe Student BodyTypical Sunnydale High or UC Sunnydale StudentStatsJonathan LevinsonStatsAmy MadisonStatsHarmony KendallStatsThe FacultyPrincipal Bob FlutieStatsPrincipal SnyderStatsJenny CalendarStatsGreater SunnydaleJoyce SummersStatsCops! In SunnydaleStatsInitiative CommandoStats6: Creatures of the NightCreating New Monsters and Recycling Old OnesMonster ConceptsCannon FodderThe ArchetypeThe HiddenThe MetaphorRecycling: Return AppearancesThis Time It's PersonalSometimes They Come Back"You Killed My (Insert Relative); Prepare to Die"Vampires: Fangs in the MoonlightVampirism 101The Undeath CycleVampire AbilitiesSupernatural AbilitiesUndeathLegends That LieSpecial AbilitiesHypnosisShape ShiftingVisionsHow to Slay VampiresVamp Fu: Vampires in CombatDust to Dust: Killing the UndeadThings That Don't WorkThings That WorkVampire Variety PackBrand-New VampireMinionVeteranLieutenantLukeDarlaDraculaDemonsFun Demon FactsOn the Nature of DemonsPure Demons and Regular DemonsDemon AbilitiesSupernatural AttributesNatural Weapons and ArmorSpecial Demon PowersHypnosisIllusionsPossessionTelepathyThe WishDemon SlayingDemons of NoteHenchmanThe JudgeSisterhood of JheScabby Telepath DemonPrimals and Shape-ShiftersThe Skinny on Skin-ChangersNature and HabitsPrimal AbilitiesDual ShapeSupernatural AttributesNatural AttacksWerewolvesWerewolf PowersA Couple Shape-ShiftersVeruca, Slutty WerewolfMs. French, The She-MantisRestless Dead: Ghosts, Zombies and Other Things From Beyond the GraveBasic GhostbustingGhost AbilitiesPhysical AttributesHypnosisPoltergeistPossessionZombie and Reanimate AbilitiesSupernatural Strength and ResilienceA Few Dead ThingsJames Stanley and Grace NewmanDaryl Epps, Reanimated JockRobotsRobot BasicsRobot AttributesKilling RobotsTedStatsThe Big BadsThe MasterDrusillaAngelusMayor Richard Wilkins IIIAdamGlory7: Episodes, Seasons, and DramaTime and PlaceSunnydaleCoexistenceApres-Buffy SunnydaleAlternate SunnydaleBeyond the HellmouthOther HellmouthsThe Wandering HeroesSame Slayers, Different DayCast OptionsThe Chosen One and FriendsA Gathering of HeroesA Gathering of ScoobiesThe InitiativeWatchers In ActionSlayer-Less SeriesCreating a SeriesSeasonsYou'll Rue the DayThe Tangled Skein: Plots and SubplotsPlotsSubplotsVillains, Henchmen and Innocent BystandersDetermining Attributes and Ability ScoresThe Plot Thickens: EpisodesThe SetupTurning PointsEpisode SubplotsThe ClimaxSpecial EpisodesSeries PremiersSeason FinalesSeason PremieresIn Conclusion8: Sweeps WeekIntroductionThe OverviewFirst Period TerrorWhodunitNightmare at the BronzeCut to CommercialAftermathVampsFalse TrailsThe AttackAn ExplanationMore Killings and AbductionsFinding Keith and the Grand FinaleExperience and Drama PointsStats and Game InfoBrian, Diego and DonnyVampire ChicasGabby BladesDara, Barbarian QueenThe Eternal GaelCaptain Steel of the Starship IntrepidCyborg DefenderKeith Dicks-Master of the RemoteAppendix: A Guide to BuffyspeakPop Culture ReferencesSuperheroesMr., Mrs., and MissBritishismsHyperboleCompound WordsStaccatoLyingThe YAdding-AgeSpeaking of Me...Word Play and SlangUnisystem Conversion NotesThe Easy MethodCharactersAttributesQualitiesSkillsCombat ManeuversRulesFear TestsDamageMagicCharacter Creation BasicsCreation ProcessCharacter Type ChartLife Point TableQualities and Drawbacks TableStrength TableCombat Maneuvers Reference TableBase Damage TableArmor TableBase Modifiers TableCombat Roll ModifiersGlossaryIndexBack Cover


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