External Funding Opportunities for the Arts A presentation by Calum Murdoch, Senior External Funding Officer 7 December 2011 REGENERATION & HOUSING

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  • External Funding Opportunities for the Arts A presentation by Calum Murdoch, Senior External Funding Officer 7 December 2011 REGENERATION & HOUSING
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  • What is External Funding? External funding is any money that the Council secures extra to its annual allocation from central government and the money raised from council tax or fees and charges, either by itself or in partnership. It relates to funds secured by competitive bidding only. It is an important source of additional resources to help meet the local priorities set out in our corporate plan and Community Strategy. It can bring in extra resources to pilot new and innovative programmes and services to better serve our customers.
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  • is to ensure that Ealing receives as much funding as possible from external sources. The External Funding Team at Ealing provides advice and support to Council departments and partners to enable them to access external funding opportunities. Our aim:
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  • Service offered to Council set out in Annual Review Review and identify suitable funding opportunities Develop ideas and project scope Support bid development and submission Help in identifying project partners and developing bid team Role as a critical friend General advice and guidance on funding applications 4
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  • Gather and circulate information about new funding opportunities Subscribe to online Grantfinder service holds up-to-date information on around 4,000 funds, grants, charities etc. Regular briefings circulated: Allows personal browsing on latest funding developments More sophisticated enquiries to be run External Funding team can give training in the system Training can be provided contact the team to arrange a session.
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  • Review of Arts Funding Report Compiled Over 100 funding sources identified Report will be made available widely shared with the VCS A summary of the available funds identifies 17 funding sources with the potential of securing 50,000 or more 6
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  • Grantfinder summary of opportunities Each of the 100 grants identified has a one page summary Includes details on grant awarding body, key eligibility criteria, deadlines Also contact details for finding out more information 7
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  • Summary of funds key themes (I) Funding is seldom designed specifically for any potential project there are key hooks or outcomes that funders will be looking to support. The following general themes seem to be common: Participation in the arts, broadening audiences, giving disadvantaged groups access to experiencing or taking part in the arts Professional funds to support the professional development of practitioners, to support them in creating and sharing their work
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  • Summary of funds key themes (II) Heritage - funding to protect valued heritage at risk Well Being a general outcome sought is to improve well being and the arts are often supported for their therapeutic benefits Accommodation support for places and spaces for the arts Culture, Faith and Beliefs support to share and celebrate diversity Environment artistic work to support and enhance the environment
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  • Summary of key opportunities 17 funding sources are identified with the potential of securing 50,000 or more For these funds a more strategic approach is needed Funding is available for different types of organisations In many cases there is already an ongoing dialogue with the funder 10
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  • Key opportunities (I): Arts Council Funding Asst. Dir. of Arts, Heritage and Libraries has an ongoing dialogue with the Arts Council (some of the funding is for key identified organisations only) Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF) Ealing Council has a well developed HLF programme and good relationship with the fund. Walpole Park has been a major beneficiary and applications for Pitzhanger Manor and Gunnersbury are under development
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  • Key opportunities (II): European Commission Culture Programme Ealing has a good track record with the EC and there are funds of up to Euro 2.5 million are available for 3- 5 year programmes. Match funding potential for HLF Film funding there are a number of funds supporting the film sector and Ealing could look to develop proposals building on the sector heritage and links with the borough Heathrow Community Grants Programme - funding for environment and community but can support arts projects max. of 50k.
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  • Key opportunities (III): Henry Moore Foundation specialist funder maximum 60k Lottery Next Steps Ealing Council Corporate Policy Team has coordinated a proposal looking at social investment vehicles (not specifically directed at the Arts) Sita Trust again the focus is community but could have application to the arts Esmee Fairbairn Collection Fund aimed at libraries and museums
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  • Key opportunities (IV): Triados Bank awards both loans and grants Trust for London support for disadvantaged groups with a max of 100k.
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  • Next steps: Cultural Strategy clarity of key objectives will help to target funding work Key opportunities building on other Council and LSP priorities: Southall Town Centre Regeneration e.g. Outer London Fund monies awarded to Acton and Greenford Increasing role for the third sector. Support for sector to help deliver services
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  • For further information contact Calum Murdoch Senior External Funding Officer Ealing Council Grants and Funding Team Economic Regeneration 020 8825 7443 murdochc@ealing.gov.uk murdochc@ealing.gov.uk