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<p>Excelling in Baking Art and Business</p> <p>Baking is not only about trying endlessly until you get the right softness and consistency but is also about experimenting and innovating and bringing new concepts and ideas to the market. You must be a very talented baker without any formal education in baking but a professional course and training can change your perception towards the art and science of baking and help you hone your skills. Apart from this, it can help you explore various career options that this profession offers, enabling you link your passion and talent with business aspects of baking. Knowledge and Hands-on Experience</p> <p>The most appropriate way to unleash your creativity and natural talent and gain deeper insights into baking business is studying bakery - pastry arts management. It is a two-year post-secondary program that helps you build solid foundation in baking and pastry arts theory and expand your abilities, making you more efficient. The program is 60 percent hands-on experience either in state-of-the-art laboratories within the college campus or industry field placements with restaurants and hotels. The practical training and internships are an integral part of a baking program. </p> <p>As a student of this program, you get to learn to produce commercial quantities of cakes, sweets, desserts, puff pastries, Danish pastries, cookies, breads, rolls, savoury and sweet dough. With this, you also learn to manage material purchasing and storage, marketing, cost control and hiring and managing personnel. You also get an opportunity to learn about maintaining sanitation, safety and hygiene and following the best practices to keep nutrients intact while baking.</p> <p>Apart from this, the course also gives a working knowledge of hospitality accounting, mathematics for bakers, computing, marketing strategies, professional communication and report writing. The pastry arts management program is an all inclusive program that provides students a thorough understanding and hands-on experience in baking and other related areas. Career Information</p> <p>After course completion, the graduates can choose to pursue their careers and find employment with supermarkets, retail bakeries, hotels, restaurants, resorts, department stores, camps or other related businesses. As they are well-versed in commercial baking and trained on working on the latest kitchen equipment, they can easily find employment. Those interested in establishing their own retail bakery outlet can go ahead with it. </p> <p>The demand for baking pastry arts management students is very high. This is due to constantly increasing number of eating joints and food service establishments. Moreover, people also expect a range of choices whenever they eat out. The businesses are always looking for professionals who can experiment with ingredients and bring innovative items to the market. Studying Baking Pastry Arts Management in Canada</p> <p>Centennial Colleges two-year program in baking pastry arts is an all-inclusive course that focuses on art and science of baking as well as the business of baking, which provides students a unique advantage. The college also has a brand new culinary facility where students can practice. The course is taught by industry experts. Not only this, the students are also provided with individualized internships with industry partners.</p> <p>In order to apply for this program, the students need to fill an application form and submit a copy of secondary school diploma certificate and scores of English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. </p>