evaluation of national preparedness policy against natural disasters in pakistan

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Title: Evaluation of National Preparedness Policy against Natural Disasters in PakistanSubmitted by : Rabiya MukhtarAbstract:Last ten years have shown some worst forms of natural disasters in Pakistan. This includes Kashmir earthquake in 2005, Baluchistan earthquake in 2008 and 2011 and massive flooding in 2010,2011,2012 and 2014. Although national preparedness against natural disasters is a shared responsibility of whole community, this paper focuses the national preparedness policies against such mega events; affecting the lives of major population in the country. In order to identify the core capabilities necessary for preparedness against future disasters and recognizing the weaknesses in the system, the research is divided into numerous stages. Firstly, the national preparedness goal is identified which set forth the critical mission areas. Secondly, the national preparedness system is evaluated which has been set up to meet the national preparedness goal. Thirdly the national response framework is assessed which set the guidelines to conduct the national disaster response in the event of major earthquakes and floods.Lastly, the success and shortcomings in the functional mechanism of national disaster management system is evaluated in the light of recent major natural disasters encountered by the country and recommendations for improvement are suggested.Personal Profile: Rabiya Mukhtar is based in Lahore and currently working in a structural design consultancy firm Amin Tariq Associates as Design Engineer/Design Team LeaderShe is internationally qualified Disaster Manager with M.Sc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management from University College London, UK and having six years of hands-on experience in various aspects of Structural Design Consultancy Services in PakistanShe is enthusiastic to participate in development of sustainable and disaster resilient communities in Pakistan


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