espc14 - t23 - sharepoint online vs on-premises vs hosted - making the right choice

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SharePoint Online vs On-Premises vs Hosted - Making the Right ChoiceRen Modery, Office 365 MVP1stQuad Solutions


IntroductionWho am I?Consultant & Solution ArchitectOffice 365 MVP6+ years in SingaporeBased in Zurich, Switzerland

Contact DetailsWeb: http://modery.netTwitter: @moderyEmail: rene@modery.net2

Goals for TodayUnderstand the differences between SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premises, and hosted SharePoint

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each platform

Be able to make an informed decision at the end of the session

The ideal SharePoint environment?

Theres no One size fits all and there will always be drawbacks!

So which one should I choose?

Start with the Business

ResponsivenessSecurityAvailabilityComplianceAccessible from any deviceAccessible from anywhereAvailable to ExternalsIntegrated to LOB SystemsAutomated Business ProcessesStabilityLow CostGovernanceSimplicityNewest SoftwareInnovation

Keep the Balance & FunctionalitySimplicity


On-PremisesWith great power comes great responsibility


HostedThe best of both worlds?


Office 365Innovate &Be Flexible


On-Premises vs Hosted vs SPO

What should you look out for?

What should you look out for?

Evaluate CarefullyLow Maintenance Effort(Hardware, Patching, )High Customisability(Applications, Integration, )Always up-to-dateVersion Stability

Restrict to only one environment?Consider a hybrid setup with a mix of environments toKeep legacy applicationsSlowly reduce costsMinimize maintenance effortsLeverage the latest technology from Microsoft

Final Words>> Include IT & Business in your evaluation!>> The Right Choice is whatever best suits your needs>> Prioritize requirements and verifiy different dimensions