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    Name : Eric Craig Nyce, Sr Present Position:

    Date of Birth: September 18, 1979 Age: 37 Nationality: American

    Total Experience: 11.5 years Languages Known : English

    Education: A.A. Applied Science Availability :

    (Computers Electronic Engineering Tech)

    G.P.A 3.71

    Perfect Attendants & Graduated w/ Honors

    Trainings ( including HES ) Areas Worked

    Well Control (Expired) Canada - Fairview (as MWD)

    Safe Gulf Newfoundland (as MWD)

    Water Survival and Helicopter (Expired) U.S. - Texas (MWD & DD/RSS) - Drilling Supervisor EF

    CPR & First Aid (2013-2015) Oklahoma (DD)

    Rig Pass Offshore South Kansas (DD)

    Rig Pass Onshore West Louisiana (DD)

    Conoco Safety (2013-2016) East Colorado (DD)

    Shell Safety North Dakota (as MWD)

    TWIC Card (Expired) Montana (as MWD)

    Utah (as MWD)

    Program(s) Worked Wyoming

    Superintendent of Operations

    Program(s) Worked Wyoming (as MWD)

    WFT - 5D and Wellz (Directional/Survey) Pennsylvania (as MWD/Pad work)

    Compass (Directional/Survey) Gulf of Mexico - Deep Seas (as Reamer hand)

    WinServ (Directional/Survey) Mexico - On land / Off Shore (as Reamer hand)

    Winserv (Daily Reports/Directional) Brazil - Off Shore (as Reamer hand)

    Insight (Daily Reports/Directional)

    WFT - First (Daily Reports/Directional)

    Strong Skill w/ Excel (Creating Reports)

    Previous experience with company ( most recent to come first )

    From To Total Company Responsibilities

    (Year) (Year) (Years)

    2014 2015 1.0 BHP Billiton Directional Drilling Field Supervisor

    2010 2014 4.5 Weatherford & Archer DD4 (RSS & Mud Motors)

    2009 2010 1.0 Archer MWD5 / Command Center / DD

    2008 2009 2.0 NOV Field Test Coordinator / Reamer Hand

    2005 2008 3.0 Sclumberger/Pathfinder MWD3


    Other Information: US Army - Infantry (E-4), Germany, Contract expired.

    Deployment - Kosovo