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  • 1. Today nearly 600 million people around the world use English. English language is a common language and is spoken in many countries. It is considered as universal language.

2. Why Is English Language Important Jobs Most of the businesses engaged in dealing with international clients and suppliers prefer using English as the primary source of communication. While people have their own native languages, English serves as the most common and user- friendly language to interpret, translate and communicate with English-speaking customers and professionals. Hence, to make the best out of the available opportunities, one has to be highly fluent in English 3. Travel Languages differ from country to country and from region to region. Thus, if you happen to travel to another country, either for business or leisure purpose, you are sure to land yourself into great trouble, in case you are not conversant with the native language. In such circumstances, English comes to your rescue as it is a global language spoken by more than 900 million people across the globe, either as native language or second language. Familiarity to English can get you to communicate with anyone and everyone where you travel, thereby easily handling the situation. 4. Education People not only travel to places worldwide for business and pleasure, but they leave their homeland and travel to another country for study purpose as well. Travel to any country on this earth and you would find English as the main medium of teaching, as it is practically impossible for a new person to study in the local language of the country, in particular. Hence, education has, by far, increased the importance of English to a great extent. 5. Same Country In a vast country like India where people from different cultures live, their languages largely differ. Under these circumstances, English is the only and best option, as it is not possible to learn the local language of every other place that you travel to. English easily bridges the gap and helps you to connect with people, even if they speak a different language or dialect. 6. Internet Though internet has developed into various other languages, English still remains as the core language for most internet users. Most of the information and websites are available in English only and it becomes very difficult to translate every appropriate page into the language of the concerned country. With the growth of the internet into education and E- commerce, English language, by default, is bound to grow. 7. Children Parents residing in an English-speaking country are bound to face difficulties in raising their children, who mostly attend an English school nowadays, if they themselves arent able to understand English. For instance, if the teacher of your kids does not speak your native language, you will definitely have problems in communicating with him/her. Furthermore, if your kids bring back homework to be done in English, you will be of no help to them if you do not understand the language. 8. There are few tips which can help you enhance fluency in English: a) Read fairy tales everyday at least for 10 minutes. b) Read cartoons or jokes in English. c) Write your personal diary such as what all did you do the entire day? Or what youre going to do tomorrow? etc. d) Watch cartoon channels, movie channels like cartoon network, HBO etc. e) Listen to news. f) Try to talk in English with your friends or stand in front of the mirror and think that your friend is on the other side of the mirror and start talking about any interesting topic. g) Think in English about whatever you have done or about whatever you are going to do. 9. , : ( 250 000 000 350 000 000 , , ) , : ( 250 000 ; 600 000 , 475 000, ). : pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (45 , , ). 10. , . , , - four (). , month, orange, silver purple. slave () ' . ' . C - E, -Q , 700 . 11. I am I do . Dreamt , mt. , screech. assassination () bump (, ). Stewardesses () , , lollipop . . 12. 15 , uncopyrightable. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog . 4 dous: tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. 2 , . abstemious () facetious (, ). , 5 indivisibility(). 13. o racecar, kayak level , . o typewriter , () . o lethologica , . , 14. , , ? 1500 2000 . , . , , , . ? , .., 12000 20000 . 30000 . 15. , 400 ? A Table Alphabeticall ( ) 1604.


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