English Language Courses for Adults and English Language ... 1954 - 2017 63 English Language Courses…

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years1954 - 2017


English Language Courses for Adults and English Language Camps for Young Learners





Bishops Stortford

ReadingRichmond, London



Bishops Stortford

ReadingRichmond, London


Sir Richard summer camp

Sir William summer camp

One organisation, nine locations Studio Cambridge Main School

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University

Newnham College, Cambridge University

Ridley Hall College, Cambridge University

Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Kings Ely, Cambridgeshire

Hockerill Anglo-European College, Bishops Stortford

Leighton Park School, Reading, Berkshire

Richmond - the American International University in London

Our partnersWe have been offering our courses on the campuses of the prestigious schools, colleges and universities listed above for many, many years. Each of them is a renowned academic institution in its own right, and we will be happy to supply contact details should you require further information.

However, these institutions are not responsible for our courses and camps. Studio Cambridge is solely responsible for the design, management and accreditation of these programmes.

Memberships and accreditationsStudio Cambridge is inspected and accredited by, or a member of:

Home OceTier 4 SponsorLicense No. 07ND83J49


Why Studio Cambridge?

Our mission

Our aim is to provide students with an effective and enjoyable experience of studying English in England. In so doing, we treat them and our partners colleagues, overseas representatives, host families and others - with the professionalism, respect and personal attention which they deserve.

Environmental responsibilityOur students travel many millions of miles to get to Cambridge, and this has a negative impact on the earth and its resources.

We have joined the Green Tourism initiative to help us develop ways to compensate for this, and to ensure that we act in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Our detailed Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is available on our website.

1. Experience and reputation An international reputation based on 63 years of teaching English as a foreign language

2. Private ownership We are not part of a chain of schools. All our management is based, year-round, at our main school in Cambridge

3. Effective teaching A proven curriculum taught by experienced professionals

4. Specialised courses for adults Intensive and examination courses, with specialised options, for students aged 16+ years

5. Award winning courses, year-round, for young learners Winter, spring, summer and autumn camps for young learners, ages 9-19

6. Personal care A 24-hour Studio Cambridge telephone number, health insurance at no extra cost and experienced welfare staff

7. Good accommodation Choice of living with a local family or in a student residence, all carefully inspected and chosen by us

8. Great activities Lots to see and do during free time

9. Superb locations Schools in five of Englands finest towns and cities

10. New friends from every part of the world Students from more than 70 countries each year



Our Directors of StudiesWe have a team of teaching professionals, led by our Academic Manager and two Directors of Studies.

The most important role of the Director of Studies (DoS) is to help you succeed. You will meet Tim or Melissa on your first day and you will be able to discuss your academic progress with them at any stage of your course.

The DoS is available to advise you about which courses or exams to take, help you with any problems or worries you might have or just listen to you if you feel the need to talk to somebody about your time studying with us.


Effective teaching and methodology Methodology in continuous development for more than 60 years

Up-to-date techniques and technology

Effective curriculum at all levels

Interesting, stimulating, and personalised teaching

Teaching that meets your needs and challenges you to succeed

Lessons linked to places and events around Cambridge and the UK

Classes at the right levelClasses are at all levels from beginner to advanced. You will be tested on your first day by an experienced and qualified teacher and placed in a class at the level which is right for you.

The table below shows the six main levels used by Studio Cambridge.

It also shows equivalent levels in the Cambridge Assessment examinations and IELTS.

Studio Level Skills CEFR* Cambridge IELTS

Beginner No ability, except, perhaps, for a few isolated words None None 1.0 - 2.01 2 3 4 5 6

Elementary Can understand and use familiar expressions, and communicate in simple terms if the other person speaks slowly

A1 None 2.0 - 3.01 2 3 4 5 6

Lower Intermediate Can take part in simple exchanges in everyday life with a sympathetic native speaker A2 KET 3.0 - 4.01 2 3 4 5 6

Intermediate Can understand main ideas of texts, discuss past and future projects and understand limited social conversation

B1 PET 4.0 - 5.01 2 3 4 5 6

Upper Intermediate Good command of English, with some inaccuracies; can understand implicit ideas in complex texts and use English effectively

B2 FCE 5.0 - 6.01 2 3 4 5 6

Advanced Fully operational command of English; can express ideas coherently and precisely but still missing cultural nuances

C1 C2

CAE CPE 6.0 - 8.01 2 3 4 5 6

*CEFR the Common European Framework of Reference (for languages)

Learning at Studio Cambridge

Tim Essex Director of Studies

Melissa Bubenicek Director of Studies

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners achievements is excellent.Teachers demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and lessons are well planned using wide-ranging high quality and interesting resources. Information Technology (IT) is used well and enhances enjoyment and achievement."

Report by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) 2015











Intensive English Courses

for Ages 16+




ExperiencedOne of the longest-established English language schools in Britain, we have been part of Cambridges education scene since 1954. We are well known and respected in Cambridge.

Independent and privately ownedStudio Cambridge is not part of a chain of schools. We are privately owned and managed.

All of our central services such as Accommodation, Welfare, Activities staff, Academic Manager, Directors of Studies and the school Directors are based at our main school in Cambridge.

In this way, we all get to meet and to know our students and are able to respond quickly without needing to contact head office.

Big but friendlyAlthough we are not a small school, we treat our students as individual people.

We typically have between 180 and 250 students at school each day. This is an ideal size because:

We usually have at least 12 classes running at the same time, so can teach at all levels from beginner to advanced

You will meet fellow students from countries all over the world (see Student nationalities opposite)

We can organise a wide variety of social, sports and cultural activities which are free of charge

We can give you our personal attention in all aspects of your stay at Studio Cambridge

Airport transfersCambridge is very easily reached from all of Londons airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton). Transfers can be by bus, train or taxi all at additional cost. We will send you full information when you enrol.












Student ages The minimum age for our EFL 20 course is 18 years.

The minimum age for all other adult courses (including EFL 28) is 16 years.

However, during the academic year (August to June) we run our Sir George English Camp for young learners aged 14 - 17 years at our main school in Cambridge (see page 29).

During the academic year, therefore, if you are studying on our EFL 28 course (pages 13 16):

If you are aged 19 years or over, your classmates will not be younger than 16 years.

If you are aged 16 - 18 years, some classmates may be 14 or 15 years of age.

The average age of all students taking our Intensive English Courses is 23 years.

University Colleges

Parkers Piece

Studio Cambridge

Railway Station

500 metres

Hills Road Sixth Form College

City Centre

Hills Road Station Road


ton Roa


Cherry Hinton Road

Huntingdon Road


Student nationalitiesStudents come to Studio Cambridge from over 70 countries and speak dozens of languages. The mix of nationalities changes from year to year and according to the time of year. However, here are the nationalities of our adult students taking intensive and examination courses during the past year:

AccessibilityStudio Cambridges main school is located in 150 year-old buildings on four floors and without lifts. We have limited facilities fo


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