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  1. 1. Remove Pain Physical and Emotional with Energy Psychology By Tapping on Acupuncture Points Robert Elias Najemy
  2. 2. Robert Elias Najemy - 2 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional
  3. 3. Robert Elias Najemy - 3 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional Remove Pain & Be Free to Be Happy with Energy Psychology By Tapping on Acupuncture Points by Robert Elias Najemy Dedication: I dedicate this book to Dr. Roger Callahan and Gary Craig and to all the other pioneers of Energy Psychology and, of course. to you that you may now benefit from it. 2002 by Robert Elias Najemy. All rights reserved. Athens, Greece No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. ISBN: 1-4033-8035-X (Electronic) ISBN: 1-4033-8036-8 (Softcover) This book is printed on acid free paper. 1stBooks rev. 10/17/02
  4. 4. Robert Elias Najemy - 4 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional
  5. 5. Robert Elias Najemy - 5 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional Email Courses by Auto-responder FREE NEW EMAIL COURSES Visit es/index.asp You can now follow email courses for your continued education, interest and benefit. These are the result of 35 years of research and teaching to over 20,000 people. You will find them easily understandable, interesting and beneficial. We suggest, however, that you apply for each course separately or at least on different days so that they do not come to you all at once and you do not have time to digest them. The following are courses to which you can subscribe by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of each brief description. This will create one email which you will then send in. You need write nothing on it. As a result you will receive one email each week until the course is completed. (For the number of weeks indicated for that course.) You can remove yourself from the course at any time. Most of them are free and others are free when you order one of our books. We welcome your comments and suggestions. 1. Learning Through Relationships and Lifes Experiences 18 lessons examining case histories of relationship situations and life problems and what we might learn from them. E x t r e m e l y interesting and useful. FREE 2. Codependency and Cocommitment in Relationships 15 lessons which investigate and give solutions to the problem of confused feelings of responsibility and dependency in relationships. Basic for healthy relationships. 3. Dealing with the Departure of Loved Ones 12 Lessons which give us insight into how to deal with the feelings and beliefs which come forth when we lose a loved one. Essential for all who have lost loved ones. 4. Supporting Our Loved Ones During their Transition 6 segments dealing with how we can support those who are close to death in ways which simultaneously make their lives more beautiful and their transition more conscious and peaceful. 5. Creating Health, Vitality and Harmony - Naturally 19 Segments with suggestions on how to eat, exercise and live so as to create health. Important for all families. 6. Relaxation and Positive Imagery for Peace and Health 25 lessons in relaxation with guidelines as to how to relax and focus on positive realities such as self-esteem, love, self-confidence, health etc. Essential for all of us. You can also order CDs or cassettes with guided relaxations at 7. Learning to Love Ourselves. 17 segments on how we can overcome obstacles to accepting and loving ourselves as we are while simultaneously moving forward to become who we would like to be. We all need this. 8. Creating Happy, Harmonious, Loving Relationships 35 articles on how to create conscious, happy and loving relationships. For couples but also for all. 9. Overcoming Our Fears. 9 parts on how to identify and transcend our fears and phobias. We all fear something.
  6. 6. Robert Elias Najemy - 6 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional - 6 -10. Learning from Lifes Lessons 24 segments guiding us through a process, with abundant examples, to find the lessons we can learn from our difficult life situations and especially others annoying behavior. This can change our lives. 11. Learning to Love Others 15 lessons on how we can overcome our fears and obstacles and love others more steadily and without obstacles. We really want to love others. 12. Finding and Living Our Life Purpose 10 sessions along with questionnaires designed to aid us discover our inner purpose and how we can live it. Only then can we be happy. 13. Managing Our Emotions 18 parts on how to understand and free ourselves from unpleasant emotions which lessen our peace and happiness. This course is a prerequisite for happiness. 14. Reconciling Inner Conflicts 7 lessons on how to identify our inner conflicts, which drain our energy and obstruct our peace and happiness. Most of us are not even aware of our conflicting nature. FREE 15. Cultivating Spiritual Qualities 16 messages concerning how we can align ourselves with our love, peace, sincerity and humility in order to manifest our higher nature. We all seek our higher spiritual nature. 16. Being ready for our Departure from Our Physical Body whenever it happens. 19 explanations and questionnaires that allow us to look death in the face so that we can live fearlessly. We will all face this moment as some point. 17. Communicating With Our Children 16 segments on what our children need and how we can communicate with them more honestly and effectively. A must for all parents and teachers. 18. Healing Our Inner Child 10 messages with guidance and questionnaires designed to help us become familiar with, heal and free our inner child so that we may experience o u r p o w e r a n d s e l f - e s t e e m . 19. Contemporary Parables 15 stories and models that enable us to understand deep truths in simple and easily- comprehended ways. These also aid us in explaining truths to others. 20. The Miracles of Love and Wisdom 12 truths based on the Course in Miracles which allow us to reevaluate our perception of reality so as to perceive the divine potential in all beings and situations. These transform our lives. 21. The Art of Meditation 18 emails with guidance about how to meditate including various practical and theoretical aspects of meditation. 22. Forgiving Others and Ourselves 15 lessons on how we can forgive others and also our own selves. Forgiveness is a prerequisite for freedom, peace and happiness. 23. The Roles we Play and how to Deal with them. 12 segments explaining the basic roles as described in the Celestine Prophecy. Solutions are given for getting free from these games. 24. Experiences for Couples for Greater Communication and Love 28 exercises which you can do together so as to experience greater honesty, unity and love. A m u s t f o r a l l couples
  7. 7. Robert Elias Najemy - 7 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional Table of Contents Free to be Happy ... 8 Credentials and Legal Statement ...9 Introduction ... 10 1. What is EFT? ... 11 2. How to employ EFT .. 14 Points to tap on 18 Reminder of the Process 22 Acupuncture Points 26 EFT flow Diagram 27 EFT Process Worksheet 28 3. The Stages of Employing EFT ... 29 4. Methodology and Modifications ... 31 5. Working with Aspects of Emotions with EFT ... 34 6. Uses of EFT and Dealing with Aspects ... 37 7. Case Histories and a Study in Aspects in EFT -1 ... 42 8. Case Histories and a Study in Aspects in EFT - 2 ... 46 9. Overcoming Fear ... 53 10. EFT and Health Issues ... 56 11. Uses of EFT and Dealing with Addictions ... 59 12. Working on Goals with EFT ... 62 13. EFT and Self-esteem ... 66 14. EFT & Opening to Love ... 70 15. Using E.F.T. to Aid the Process of Forgiveness ... 74 16. EFT & Romantic Rejection ... 78 17. EFT and Coping with the Departure of Loved Ones ... 83 18. EFT and Codependency ... 89 19. EFT & Dealing with Victims ... 96 20. EFT & Dealing with Aloof Persons ... 102 21. EFT & Dealing with Interrogators ... 106 22. EFT & Dealing with Intimidators ... 109 23. EFT and Obstacles to Communication ... 112 24. EFT and Obstacles to Harmonious Love Relationships ... 117 25. Healing Childhood Experiences with EFT ... 120 26. EFT for Inner Conflicts ... 127 27. EFT & Finding our Life Purpose ... 134 28. EFT for Meditation and Prayer ... 139 29. EFT & the Impending Departure from the Physical Body ... 141 30. A Unifying Theory ... 143 Epilogue ... 149
  8. 8. Robert Elias Najemy - 8 - Remove Pain Physical and Emotional Remove Pain and be Free to be Happy Why this title and what does it mean? We all seek happiness and yet it eludes us. Throughout the history of humanity, men and women have sought to discover and share with others effective solutions for human suffering and other limitations to our manifestation of our unlimited inner happiness, peace, love, creativity, productivity and harmony. All religious, philosophical and psychological systems seek that same goal. We could also call this bo


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