what is acupuncture ? 4 . 2) meridians in acupuncture. 6 . 3) effects of acupuncture. 8 . units used...

Download What is Acupuncture ? 4 . 2) Meridians in Acupuncture. 6 . 3) Effects of Acupuncture. 8 . Units Used in Acupuncture 9 . 4) Classification of Acupuncture points. 11 . 5) Five El

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  • Index

  • 1) What is Acupuncture ? 4

    2) Meridians in Acupuncture. 6

    3) Effects of Acupuncture. 8

    Units Used in Acupuncture 9

    4) Classification of Acupuncture points. 11 5) Five Elements and Acupuncture 14

    6) Yin Yang 16

    7) Organ Clock. 18 8) 14 Meridians of Acupuncture. 22

    1) Lung Channel 22

    2) Large Intestine Channel 30

    3) Stomach Channel 41

    4) Spleen Channel 57

    5) Heart Channel 68

    6) Small Intestine Channel 74

    7) Urinery Bladder Channel 83

    8) Kidney Channel 103

    9) Pericardium Channel 113

    10) Tripple Warmer Channel 119

    11) Gall Bladder Channel 129

    12) Liver Channel 145

    13) Governing Vessel Channel 153

    14) Conceptional Vessel Channel 163

  • 9) Extra ordinary Points 170

    10) Un-numbered Extra Points 186

    11) The New Acupuncture Points 189

    12) Nose, Hand and foot Acupuncture 211

    13) Scalp Acupuncture 222

    14) Auricule Acupuncture 228

    15) Eight Extraordinary Channel 241 16) Selection Technique of Acupuncture Points 251

    17 ) Clinical Acupuncture

    1) Brain and Nervous System Disorders 274

    2) Respiratory Disorders 277

    3) Heart and Cardio Vascular Disorders 279

    4) Blood Disorders 281

    5) Stomach and Gastro Intestinal system Disorders 282

    6) Hepatic, Biliary, Splenic and Pancreatic Disorders 286

    7) Genito Urinary Disorders 288

    8) Ear Disorders 290

    9) Eye Disorders 292

    10) Endocrine Disorders 296

    11) Psychiatric Disorders 297

  • 12) Disorder of Children 299

    13) Acute Disorders 300

    14) Gynaecological Disorders 304

    15) Locomotor Disorders 308

    16) Skin Disease 311

    18) Analysis of Acupuncture Points According to

    Chinese Image Meaning 314

    104 Meeting Point 318

    19) Acuyoga 324

    Acuyoga For 14 Channel 336 Acuyoga Therapy 345

    Acumeridian Tooth organ Relationship 355

    Eye and Lip Micro-acupuncture system 356

    Face Acupuncture 357

    Acuyoga For Beautiful Face 359

    Index of Acu-Points with English Meanings. 373

    ACUPUNCTURE POINTS ON SPECIFIC AREA 388 Index of Acu-Points with Chinese alphabet 389

    Index Of Disease And Prescription 407 Entry Exit Point 416 Reference Books & website 417

    Warning :

  • All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by means, electronic or mechanical, including photo copying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from auther.

    Note to Reader :

    This book in intended as an informational guide. The remedies, approches and

    techniques described herein are meant to supplement and not to be substitute for,

    professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious

    ailment without prior consultation with qualified health care professional.

    Preface :

    From last 10 years the patients who benefits the Laser Acupuncture Therapy & other patients from my country & abroad, motivated me to write the book in detail, because the books on these Acupuncture, acupressure, acuyoga, in any language are in just brief. Acupuncture is discovered with the battle of archery i.e. Bow & Arrow. Soldier was injured on leg with arrow and his eyesight was improved, thus the many other acupuncture point was discovered.

    In this book I added almost all acupuncture points with Chinese Images & their meanings which found rarely in other books. Figures include Each Channel of separate organ & its internal relationship with related organ. Each points separate figure, International name, Chinese Image, its meanings, Location, Indication, Needling ( Puncture ), Acupressure, Laser, Acuyoga. The book include total points on channel including left & right side 670, Extra ordinary points left & right side are 75, unnumbered acupuncture points 42, Recent discovered points 96.

    This book include Micro system Acupuncture Ear-acupuncture ( Auricular-acupuncture Total No of points including left and right 200), Nose acupuncture, Hand Acupuncture, Foot Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture with detail figure, & treatment. On Nose 34 Points, On both hands 34 Points, On both feet 32 Points.

    In this book I added different techniques of point selection, use of analgesic points, use of specific points for specific diseases, use of combination points, use of five element theory & its rule, use of 60 command points, use of tonification & sedation points & other many techniques.

    In Clinical acupuncture, Disorders of Brain & Nervous System, Heart & Blood vessels disorders, Diseases of Stomach & Intestine, Genito-urinary disorders, Sensory organs disorders (i.e. Ear, Nose, Eye, Skin), Psychological disorders, Diseases of respiratory system, Gynecological & obstetrics diseases, Diseases of bones, joints, & connective tissues, diseases of Gall Bladder & Liver, Skin (Dermatology) & Cosmetology etc. are describe in brief and simple language.

  • Acuyoga the combination of acupressure and yoga is described in detail with figure. Daily self acupressure practice, Acuyoga and self acupressure for different diseases are described in brief with figures. For looking young and beautiful face with natural face lifting, more than sixty facial acupressure and facial yoga are described in detail with other health benefits including detail figures.

    DR. Sakhare M.S.

    1 What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is the Latin word. Acus means needle and puncture with needle means Acupuncture or Acuate means sharp pointed apparatus by which puncture is done means Acupuncture.

    In most of religion Ear Piercing in the centre of lobe is Ceremony on twelfth day after the birth of child. In Auriculo-Acupuncture Eye point is in the centre of lobe, above the eye point there is brain point, It is believed that by piercing ear the health of child is improved, behind this there is scientific reason of ear acupuncture.

    In Islam Religion before prey ( Namaz ) each must clean their ear ( Wujoo). In Ear acupuncture there are more than 200 points. Piercing ear in different points, massaging ear, pinching ear, twisting or wringing ear our health is improved.

    Wearing gold and silver ornament on different body part, wearing bangles, applying kumkum or smooth paste of sandalwood or other scented powder, at the centre of eyebrows, applying ash ( Bhasma ), wearing necklace etc. is related to acupuncture different points and benefits as per point.

    Nerves end on palm and sole. Clapping 15 minutes daily while praying, motivating players, playing different games, working in kitchen, churning curd with churning staff by hand, grinding chutney or spices on stone slab and grinder by hand, daubing yard or courtyard by hand, draw water from well with rope palms are stimulated. Walking bare foot sole is stimulated. Revolving around temple with bare feet sole is stimulated. Nowadays polished pavements, marble are all over in temples, mashids, churches, so there is no stimulation to our sole and we think that we are not receiving blessings of God.

    There are different types of hand postures (Mudra) in different religions while praying, different types of dance (Kathhak, Bharat Natyam, Mohini Attam, Ballet, other classical dance etc.) acupressure is done naturally.

  • Massaging oil on head and body of child, Massaging oil and scrubbing with smooth scented herbal powder before bath is the acupressure to different points of body. Tapping by hand to children while slipping, they sleep soundly because the points of sedation are behind ear. We also take our hand by folding in elbow underneath ear naturally while sleeping.

    Hot stamping on body (Tapt Mudra), Cauterizing, Tattoo painting, Ear piercing etc. are done in different types of community. Behind all these conventional acupressure and acupuncture science is there.

    Most of female wear Necklace. As Necklace rest on the 7th

    cervical spine they have least possibility of neck pain. The pendant of specific shape if placed near neck and neck is pressed downward it improves thyroid function. Now a day female have low backache because they forget to wear silver belt which was used few years ago. Knee pain is common in females because they do work in kitchen by standing. While working in front of Kitchen Katta weight of body is not divided same on both legs in the centre of knee joint. In rural region those females who are cooking in sitting position are free from knee pa


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