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Screen Capture/Video

Techsmith: Jing and ScreencastJing is so easy & its Free!Research indicates that for a video to be effective and avoid memory overload it should be under ten minutes. Five minutes is optimal. So, since Jing is free and easy, why pay ? Jing is a great place to start. Learning Jing makes it easy to transition to one of the other guys.Getting JingGoogle JingDownloadThis icon will appear on your desktopClick on the Sun to make the options availableThe + sign is for captureThe pics icon is for historyNext well talk about settings

Jing Settings

Click on the settings iconGo to the ? Icon for helpChange settings when necessaryTo capture either photo or video, click on the +. Cross-hairs will appear. Holding the mouse down capture the screen or the portion you want to save.

When you have captured your picture these icons will appear. Do you want a photo or a video?

For a photo choose the first icon.

For video choose the second icon.

To start over, choose the redo icon.

To trash the picture, click on the x.

For a photo capture, you will see a window like this.

First, you will name it.

Then you can save it or share it. I suggest saving it before you share it.

This window appears when you click on the video icon.You can pause to clear your throat.The time turns red when you are running out of time.Dont say umm!I take a breath when I feel an umm coming on.You get better with practiceMake an outline or a brief script.Dont worry if it takes more than one take

Check out all the options you have for your pics!

You will want to create an account with Screencast so you will have a place to store your videos and be able to upload them to Youtube. You can also share your videos when you create a link from screencast.comYoure Ready to Go Capture Stuff!Do you want to capture an interview or lecture? Y ou can do that with Jing!

All pictures for Jing & Screencast are from Techsmith a