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Camtasia Screen Capture Software Version 6. Dominic Bygate Javiera Atenas Aims of Workshop. Get a sense of what Camtasia can do Consider the pedagogical perspective Use Camtasia for simple video production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CamtasiaScreen Capture SoftwareVersion 6

Dominic Bygate Javiera

1Aims of WorkshopGet a sense of what Camtasia can do Consider the pedagogical perspective Use Camtasia for simple video productionThink about how you might use it in your teaching


Headsetgreen earphonered - microphoneMute and headphone volume3Camtasia Sound Check

4CamtasiaWhat can it do?Narrated Screen CaptureNarrated PowerPointWhat can I use it for?DemonstrationTutorial videoLecture5Camtasia ExamplesCallouts in PowerPoint

Simple Screen capture

6Help Available FromLTI Homepage: Video Tutorials available at: Studio Documentation: Real Video from Camtasia: the Video Portal:

7Four Stages of Camtasia ProductionRecordEditProducechoose format eg MP4,real Player etcMake available online StudyNet, Video Server, Internet

What about the pedagogy!

8 What about the pedagogy?Probably not a good idea to migrate current practice to an online versionThink about :how do you want students to engage with the materialHow will active learning take placeWhat formative assessment is pertinent hereHow long can students concentrate on a zzzzzz

9Video Editing



12Workshop tasksProduce a narrated screen capture video to show how to use a resource for example;Use voyager search a journal databaseDemonstrate how to add column of numbers in Microsoft ExcelProduce a narrated PowerPoint presentationAdd callouts and zoomingEdit your videos

13Ways to Record PowerPointFrom within PowerPointFrom within Camtasia Studio

14Setting Up for RecordingBegins recording your PowerPoint Presentation.Records Audio for the PowerPoint slides.Records Camera with the PowerPoint Presentation. Displays the Camera Preview during recording.Click the Recording options icon to set up specific options for recording, including:

Records the mouse cursor Video and Audio FormatAudio sourceCamera SetupHotkeys for Record/Pause and StopOpens help topic for more information.

The Camtasia Studio Recording Toolbar within PowerPoint

15During Recording1. Click record to launch the Slideshow.2. Check the microphone input level. When ready, select the Click to begin recording button or use the hotkeys.3. Control the PowerPoint presentation normally during the recording.4. Press Esc to stop recording.

16After Recording1. At the end of the recording; choose whether to Stop Recording or Continue Recording. If you choose to Continue Recording, click the Stop Recording button in the PowerPoint recording toolbar.2. After you save the file, choose whether to: Produce your recording. or Edit your recording before producing it.

17Cancelling a Recording1. Press2. When the Save Camtasia Recording As dialog box appears, click Cancel.3. When the dialog box appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the current video capture, click Yes.

18Camtasia 30 day version available from

Click on this link19FinallyDo install the 30 day version if you want to gain some more experiencePlease contact us if after trying the 30 day version you think that you will use it in your teaching and we will arrange for a one year licence

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