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EBC Flex Help. Accessing the website and your account. Go to the internet and type “ebcflex.com” in the address line . Select Participant Log-In. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


EBC Flex and HRA Help

EBC Flex HelpAccessing the website and your accountGo to the internet and type ebcflex.com in the address line.

Select Participant Log-In

If you are a first time user, you will need to select the large pink Login button at the bottom right. If you already have a User ID and Password enter them on this screen.

Once logged in you will be at this screen.

To submit your claims online, have all of your receipts or explanation of benefits scanned and saved on your computer. Then click on Claims and Payments and select the drop down for File a Claim.

Or click on the Claims and Payments section and select File a Claim on the left menu. The instructions on the following page are self-explanatory.

Once you have entered your claim info, upload the copies of your documentation using the link at the bottom of the page shown below. OR if you are not tech savvy

Complete a paper claim form, select the tab on the menu that says Forms & Reports. On the Forms & Reports screen, select Claim Form.

The claim form is also located in the Business Office folder on the share file (Drive S: of a district computer), but the most recent copy will always be on the EBC flex website. All forms and information are also located in the Business Office section of the school district website.

From the folder list on S:, select the Business Office folder and select EBC Flex Plan

Select Claim Form

Here is what the claim form looks like.

Here is Page 1. These are just directions on how to complete.In order to get to the fill-in part of the claim form, use the arrow key to go to page 2. EBC Contact Information (Dont be afraid to contact them. Its your money!)