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<ul><li> 1. An Earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is a sudden,rapid shaking of the earth caused by the breaking and shifting of rocks beneaththe earth surface. Over time, stresses build beneath the Earths surface.Occasionally, stress is released resulting in the sudden, and sometime disastrousshaking we call an earthquake. The shaking could last seconds or minutes, andthere may be several earthquakes over a period ranging from hours to weekscalled foreshocks and aftershocks, the later decreasing in magnitude with time.Earthquakes are measured using observations from seismometers.Earthquakes are measured using observations from seismometers. The momentmagnitude is the most common scale on which earthquakes larger thanapproximately 5 are reported for the entire globe. The more numerous earthquakessmaller than magnitude 5 reported by national seismological observatories aremeasured mostly on the local magnitude scale, also referred to as the Richterscale. These two scales are numerically similar over their range of validity.Magnitude 3 or lower earthquakes are mostly almost imperceptible and magnitude7 and over potentially cause serious damage over large areas, depending on theirdepth. The largest earthquakes in historic times have been of magnitude slightlyover 9, although there is no limit to the possible magnitude. The most recentlarge earthquake of magnitude 9.0 or larger was a 9.0 magnitude earthquake inJapan in 2011 (as of March 2011), and it was the largest Japanese earthquakesince records began. Intensity of shaking is measured on the modified Mercalliscale. The shallower an earthquake, the more damage to structures it causes, allelse being equal.At the Earths surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking andsometimes displacement of the ground. When the epicentre of a large earthquakeis located offshore, the seabed may be displaced sufficiently to cause a tsunami.Earthquakes can also trigger landslides, and occasionally volcanic activity.(I) IntroductionProject Overview1</li></ul> <p> 2. Learning how to measure and locate earthquakes. Learning the effects of the earthquake. Learning how to predict earthquake. Understand emergency management structures. Be able to conduct earthquake preparedness public education using aconsistent message. Have a willingness to build/enhance alliances with professional emergencypreparedness staff. Be able to communicate best practices for personal, household andbusiness earthquake preparedness(II) ObjectiveProject Overview2 3. (iii) Target Audience-Teachers &amp; StudentsThis website is designed to educate teachers and students of theirknowledge about earthquakes.-ParentsParents can also educate their children how to differentiate these kinds ofearthquakes.-Public officials, medical professionals, general publicThis website also enables public officials, medical professionals, and thegeneral public to take advance countermeasures against the effects ofearthquake strong motion.Project Overview3 4. (i) SoftwareThe software to generate this website :a) Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5b) Microsoft Office Word 2007c) Adobe Illustrator CS5.5d) Adobe Photoshop CS5.5(ii) Browser- Google Chrome- Safari(iii) Screen ResolutionScreen resolution size minimum 1366X768System Specification4 5. (i) ConceptTo make the whole website as earthquake effect, I choose to usewall crack as my wallpaper to make my. I also will make mywallpaper a bit transparent so that readers can easily read thecontents of my website. In order to contrast my words, I willcreate a white box above my wallpaper, inside this big box, I willwrite down all my content in it. Above the big box, I will createa picture slide and few buttons for linking to other pages.Design Specification5 6. (ii) ColourI would like to choose the colour above (ffffff) as my main websitebase colour as I feel that it is easy to see any clean. Therefore, Ichose white as my background colour. For my design, I used thosered colours to do it. In order to contrast the words and my design, Ichoose black (000000), dark rose (A6948A) as my font colours. Forthat CDCDCD, I will use it as my border box colour.Design Specification6 7. (iii) FontThese are some font type that I will use in my website:PulsePulse is a font that good for earthquake effect. I feel that itsvery nice looking for my title ,and it look great when I make itin bigger point sizes. Therefore, I choose this typeface for thetitle of my website.Optimus PrincepsOptimus Princeps is a formal and nice typeface, this is thereason why I choose this type font for my title. Plus, I feel itcan easily stand out the meaning of my topic.KartikaKartika this type font will be used in my content because I feelthat is very comfortable when Im reading.Design Specification7 8. Site StructureDiagram Sections8 9. timelineDiagram Sections9 10. Coverpages ResearchesReferences10 11. Research (URL)- 12. Screen Desgins researchReferences12 13. sketchesReferences13 14. Screen DesignsReferences14 15. Final Screen DesignsReferences15 16. ConclusionReferences16Finally, I finished this website with lots of helps from Mr. SMK. Fromcreating this website, I know many knowledge about how earthquake happened. Ilearn so much coding part in this subject also. Plus, I do really appreciate anyof my friends who help and give me opinion in my web design. Thank you somuch.</p>