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  • EarthquakeLA Earthquake damageRisk MapEarthquake"San Francisco" Earthquake - YouTube

  • Liquefaction: occurs when loose soil temporarily takes on some of the properties of a liquidLiquefactionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-hyOwsl_NYAftershock: smaller earthquakes originating close to the focus of the large earthquakeTsunamis: huge ocean waves

  • Buildings or bridges may collapse or become unsafeBridge Moving in Chile EQSubsidence, in which land sinks, and landslides damage buildings, roads and municipal servicesFire from gas line rupturesWater pipes might break

  • Assumption: earthquakes are periodic eventsSeismic gaps: places where the fault line has not moved for a long period of time, increasing the likelihood of an earthquake

  • What would you do to protect yourself from earthquakes and the associated hazards?Earthquake Safety

  • Tsunami: Know What to Do YouTubeRaw Video: Tsunami Slams Northeast Japan YouTubeTsunami 2004 INDONESIA YouTubeThe Most Shocking Video of the Tsunami in Japan - El video ms impactante del tsunami en Japn! - YouTube


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