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Proudly Presents Our Love Story.

Proudly Presents Our Love Story.A Once Upon A Time written by Earl Homeniuk

Our Love Story began in March, 1960.

I went to a dance in Millerville, Alberta with some friends in the hopes of meeting a nice girl. Some of the fellows in the group had been giving me a hard time because they didnt like the fact that I would dance with their wives.

At first I wasnt going to go to the dance but my conscience told me I should go so I went.

That was one time I was glad that I listened to my conscience, as everything turned out beautifully.

About half an hour after the dance started, three young women from Calgary entered the hall.Two of them started dancing immediately.I was across the hall and even though I was a shy guy, I got up enough nerve to walk across the hall and ask the one left standing for a dance.

She had a beautiful smile, with expressive, mischievous brown eyes and healthy looking dark brown hair which was swept back from her face showing off her widows peak.She was also an excellent dancer. I fell in love at first sight. The feeling was mutual and I knew she was the one I planned to marry someday. Her name was Ethel.

The first number in her phone number was a 9. Since I had never seen a phone number beginning with nine before, I thought to myself this looks like a phony number. At the same time Ethel was thinking He will likely throw away the package when its empty and I wont hear from him again.

We danced pretty much every dance that night and before the dance was over I asked if I could take her home.She refused so I asked her for her phone number. She told me her phone number and since I didnt have anything to write it down on except for a half empty cigarette package, I wrote it down on the back of the package.

However, I didnt throw the package away and I phoned her on Sunday, which was a couple of days later, and asked her for a date.

Since I didnt have much money in those days we spent our fist date at the Calgary Airport watching the planes landing and taking off. We had an enjoyable day and were happy to be together.We were both surprised and happy.

She didnt give me a phony number after all, and I didnt throw away the empty package

A couple of weeks later she asked me out to her parents farm at Huxley so I could meet her parents and her twin brother. It was an enjoyable weekend.

At Easter Time we went to Winnipeg along with my sister and her boyfriend who lived in Calgary to visit my mother and sister who lived there. Everyone was happy for us!On Ethels birthday (June 30th) I gave her an engagement ring.

On October 8th.we got married in Trochu, and we had our reception and wedding dance in Huxley.The next day we left on our honeymoon for Vancouver and Victoria.

Like all married couples we had our good times and our bad times, through the years, but our love for each other plus our prayers helped us through the difficult times as well as the good times.We are always happy to see each other and share the events of the week. She still has that beautiful smile and those expressive, mischievous brown eyes.

This year we will celebrate our 56th. Anniversary. Even though we have been involuntarily separated over the past 6 years because of medical reasons, we still have an everlasting LOVE for eachother and I go see her at least once every week.

I am convinced that eventually all things come to pass,But True Love NEVER Dies.