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Baby Shower Party Drink Ideas

1Introduction:If you are hosting a baby shower, you will have to make a lot of crucial decisions like venue, food, decorations and invitations.Planning the menu and drinks is no exception. Baby shower drinks are important to add some zest to your joyous celebrations. Variety is the key when thinking about baby shower drink ideas since you will have lots of guests with varied tastes

The Basics:There are some staples that are a must when hosting a baby shower and they include lemonade, iced tea, water and coffeeRemember to have ample of ice, warm coffee, cream and sugar for coffee and iced tea and sliced lemonsDress up the table of drinks with some nice table cloth or fancy straws and cups to make it creative and memorable

Cheers to fun!If your guests are fans of wine, you can even add a beautiful wine table to your baby shower drinks menuSome might feel that it is inappropriate to serve alcohol at a function where the guest of honour cant indulge in wine However, the truth is, wine is a drink of celebration and most women love wine so you can definitely enhance the party spirit with a great wine.

Baby Shower Punch DrinksYou can spike the punch or leave it as it is. If children are attending the party, ensure to keep the glasses separate for adults. Punch is a great idea for a baby shower since it adds a lot of colour to the event and the drinks table.

If the expected baby is a boy, you can have blue baby shower fruit punch and for a girl, you can keep a pink fruit punch

Presentation Matters!!How you serve your drinks is as important as what you are servingTo make the event vibrant, add some colours and innovation to the way you present your drinksChoose glasses wisely and find cute cups or confetti to decorate the serving jugsEnsure you have enough glasses or cups for everyone so that they can enjoy the drinks without any hindrancesAbove all, keep it exotic and interesting so that each guests remembers your drinks planning for a long time!

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