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2. DUDE!!!!BUY YOUR REQUIRED MATERIALS 3. DONT BE THIS GUY 4. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THEMATERIALS 5. WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE THE MONEY before taking this class 6. OR IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY 7. BEHOLDThe Government Cheese art-supplybuffet cart 8. Charcoal Powder Used to tone down paperand mid range gray value 9. Chamois An eraser like toolUse to achieve light grayAreas and remove largeAreas of charcoal from toned paper 10. Char-K-ole PowderMake at home by crushingChar-K-ole into powder 11. Char-Kole Charcoal with a K The DARKEST STUFF Use sparingly Very hard to remove So Use SPARINGLY 12. Blending Sticks Use to blend after application of charcoal pencils in detailed areas 13. Paper Mate tuff stufferaser stick and refills IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT !!! 14. Paper Mate tuff stufferaser stick and refillsThis is a drawing tool,Not an eraser tool. 15. These are NOT detailedenoughNo good 16. Vine Charcoal Medium or soft vineUse during sketchStage for initial gesture 17. Charcoal PencilsAlways have themSHARPENEDUse for detailed areasExtra soft (dark) is the same asChar-K-ole 18. BEST WAYIs with small sharp knifeBUT you must do this at home becauseYOU CANNOT BRING KNIFES TOCLASS!! 19. Pencil Sharpener 20. Kneaded Eraser 21. Vinyl Eraser Alvin Vinyl Eraser $.65 atDICK BLICK Link 22. IF YOU DO NOT USEYou will end up spitting on yourdrawings 23. Dusting Brush Staedtler Mars DustingBrushes $2.49 at Dick Blick Link 24. ALWAYS BRING YOUR SUPPLIES TOCLASS !!!!!!! 25. ALWAYS BRING YOUR SUPPLIES TOCLASS !!!!!!! 26. PREPAREDNESS =HAPPINESS 27. UNPREPAREDNESS =FAIL 28. Drawing Paper Strathmore Medium Premium recycled 29. Graphite Pencils HB is preferred 30. Sharpie Chisel Tip Marker(Black) Sharpie Chisel Tip Marker $1.28 at DICK BLICK Link 31. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Pen Size 005 = Point Size0.20 mm Pen Size 01 = Point Size0.25 mm Set of 6 $11.25 at DICKBLICK Link 32. Sharpie Fine Point Marker(Black) Sharpie Fine Point Marker5for $4.98 at DICK BLICK Link 33. Sharpie ULTRA Fine PointMarker (Black) Sharpie ULTRA Fine PointMarker5 for $5.09 at DICKBLICK Link 34. Scissors Fiskars Student Scissors $4.42 at DICK BLICK Link 35. Workable Matte Fixative 36. T-Square 37. AFTER YOU PURCHASE YOUR SUPPLIES STORETHEM IN AN ART BOX FOR EASY TRANSPORT 38. BUY YOUR SUPPLIES AT ONE OFTHE FOLLWING LOCATIONS: 39. Easel Art Supply Center -810 Park Avenue Lake Park, FL 33403-2402 (561) 844-3111 Directions Good selection and prices 40. Crafts & Stuff9810 Alternate A1APalm Beach Gardens, FL 33410(561) 694-0750 Directions Reasonably priced but not awide selection. 41. Michaels -11240 Legacy Avenue Palm Beach Gdns, FL 33410 (561) 775-0859 Directions Usually overpriced, only useas a last resort. 42. JERRYS ARTARAMA 2601- South Military TrailWest Palm Beach, FL 33415(561) 434-2288 Directions Good selection and prices 43. DICK BLICK ONLINE CATALOG The best online art supplycatalog. Has almost allsupplies at very competitiveprices. 44. ONE MORE TIME!!!!BUY YOUR REQUIRED MATERIALS 45. DONT BE THIS GUY 46. EXASPERATED PROFESSOR 47. TEE HEE 48. What are ma-terialz? 49. Giggle giggle I have a pencil The rest is in my car I have them,but they are not out I dont know what theMaterials are 50. Oops, didnt bring his materials 51. PATHETICbeyond allBELIEF 52. I brought MY materialsBADASS 53. Dont make me call Rick Scott


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