What is a PLN? Why would I want one? 3000 Mission: Teacher It all begins with seeds If your ac2ons in the classroom inspire children to achieve more, ques2on more, and dream more, you are indeed worthy of the 2tle Teacher. Robert John Meehan Vacuuming by Kim P, Flickr Get Connected by Divergent Learner, Flickr Which have you used? PLEs- Personal Learning Environments Bat Dad 997,000 -Number of Teachers on LinkedIn But there are nearly. Billions Of authors, researchers, organizaBons, professionals, thought leaders, subject maEer experts, etc. who you and your students can learn from. Its the people Passionate Learning Networks Refueling the Way We Teach Online Learning Create a Prole What to Include Connect Communicate Collaborate Create #Edchat Lurk on a chat Facebook Groups Google Plus Communities July 11th-13th What do I share? Stories, Resources, Links, Lessons, Ideas. Your Passion What is the best tool? How do you want to learn? How much 2me can you invest? How do I nd the Bme? Connect with your mobile device! Why Do We Connect? T: @ShellTerrell

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