double –click on the netscape icon on your desktop the following are a series of steps to help you...

Download Double –Click on the Netscape Icon on your desktop The following are a series of steps to help you get started with Netscape Composer

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  • Double Click on the Netscape Icon on your desktop

    The following are a series of steps to help you get started with Netscape Composer.

  • Click on the Netscape Composer Icon to start NetscapeComposer.

  • A blank web page is opened in the document window. Click on the format menu and the click on Page Colors and Properties.

  • Click on the box for the Background color and change the background color then click on the Apply button Apply a background image from a picture file. Check this box then click on Choose File to select the picture.

  • Begin typing your text. Click an drag the mouse pointer across the text to select and then right-click. Select Character Properties to open the dialog box. Change the font, font size or text color

  • To create a hyperlink to another site on the Internet, type some text, click and drag to select it then click on the Link button on the toolbar. Type the URL in the text box. Click on the Apply Button. Link button

  • Insert a picture on your web page by clicking on the Image button on the toolbar. The image properties dialog box is displayed. Click on the Choose File button.Select a picture file and then click on Apply Button.

  • Click on the File menu and then click on Save As. Save the document to your floppy disk under the name index. This is the name that you Web Sever recognizes as the file containing your Home Page.

  • Click on the Preview button to view your Web page in Netscape Navigator off-line.

  • Click on the hyper-link that you created to make sure it works. If everything looks OK, you can now upload you web page to your account on the Web server.

  • Type

    substitute your User ID where you see jomalone. When the Password Entry Dialog appears type your password and click on OK.

  • Click on the public_html folder to open it. (If you do not see a public_html file you need to create it using the FTP application. See notes on using FTP)You can also upload your files using the FTP application. (See notes on using FTP)

  • Click on Click on the File menu and then Upload file to get the File Upload Dialog Box.Select the drive and folder that contains your web page document and then click on Open. Your should now be able to view your web page be on the Internet. To view it just use the following address followed by your user ID. to also upload any pictures you included in your Web pages or the will not appear on you page when you view it on the Internet

  • Want to find out about more features of Netscape Composer? Click on Help menu in Netscape NavigatorClick on the Help menu then click on Help Contents. Click on Composing and editing Web pages.


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