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DESCRIPTION How to Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably! Step-by-Step Instructions for dog breeding and selling puppies.


Book Outline for Dog Breeding (and cat breeding)

How to Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably

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Table of ContentsIntroduction

Section One- Getting StartedChapter One Choosing Your Breed ......34

Chapter Two Choosing a Breeder ..37

Chapter Three Choosing Your First Dog ..43

Chapter Four How to Get Your Breeding Dogs for Free ...45

Section Two- Down to BusinessChapter Five How to Net the Most Amount of Profit Possible ...46

Chapter Six The 3 Costly Mistakes Most Amateur Breeders Make ..49

Chapter Seven Cash In on Popular Fads While Theyre Hot! .........................50

Chapter Eight Know Which Breed is Most Popular in Your Area ..53

Chapter Nine Breeding the Hot New Designer Dogs ...54

Chapter Ten Choosing a Name for Your Business .57

Chapter Eleven Tax Benefits of a Home Based Business .57

Chapter Twelve Get Organized- Now Youre the Boss! .................................58

Section Three Daily Care

Chapter Thirteen Automating Daily Tasks ....60

Chapter Fourteen - How to Make a Simple Mini Septic Tank ...63

Chapter Fifteen Housing Your Crew ..66

Section Four Food and Feeding

Chapter Sixteen The Importance of a Good Diet .69

Chapter Seventeen How to Choose Healthy Food .71

Chapter Eighteen What is the Raw Food Diet? ...75

Chapter Nineteen Allergies Caused by Food ...81

Chapter Twenty - Vitamin Supplements ...84

Chapter Twenty-One - Giving Your Dogs Treats ....86

Chapter Twenty-Two - Free Dog Food and Extra Profits ..89

Section Five BreedingChapter Twenty-Three - Exactly When is She Ready to Breed? ....92

Chapter Twenty-Four - Inducing a Heat Cycle to Start Now .96

Chapter Twenty-Five - How to Find FREE Champion Stud Service ...97

Chapter Twenty-Six - How to Stud Out Your Male Dog 99

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Breeding for the Largest Litter Possible ..107

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Mating Procedures to Ensure Pregnancy ..119

Section Six Preparing and BirthChapter Twenty-Nine - Caring for the Pregnant Female ...127

Chapter Thirty - Prepare for the Big Day and Whelping Box Plans .132

Chapter Thirty-One - Labor and Delivery .135

Section Seven Puppy CareChapter Thirty-Two - The Newborn Puppies ...146

Chapter Thirty-Three - Hand Rearing the Pups ..151

Chapter Thirty-Four - General Care of the Puppies ...156

Chapter Thirty-Five - Docking Tails and Dewclaws 158

Chapter Thirty-Six - Socializing the Puppies (Playing with them!) ...160

Section Eight Routine Medical Care and SavingsChapter Thirty-Seven - Worming Made Easy and Inexpensive ...162

Chapter Thirty-Eight - How to Cure an Active Case of Heartworms 170

Chapter Thirty-Nine Vaccinations Made Easy and Inexpensive ...176

Chapter Forty - How to Get Antibiotics (For You Too!) for Next to Nothing! ..197

Chapter Forty-One - Home Treatments for Most Ailments ...200

Chapter Forty-Two - Get Professional Discounts at the Veterinarian .208

Chapter Forty-Three - Make a Simple Medical Kit .....209

Section Nine- Selling the Puppies for Top Dollar

Chapter Forty-Four - How to Get the Highest Price for Your Puppies 214

Chapter Forty--Five - How to Pre-Sell All Your Pups Before Weaning ...226

Chapter Forty-Six - Offer a Great Guarantee, Yet Protect Yourself 227

Chapter Forty-Seven - Shipping Your Puppies Safely and Easily ...228

SummaryLegal Notice: The author and publisher of this book and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this entire program. The author and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this program. The information contained in this book is strictly for entertainment and informational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this book, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided as is, and without any warranties. As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting, veterinarian or other professional should be sought. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this book. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. If you choose to use any of the treatments or suggestions in this book, you are to do so only under the strict guidance and advice of a licensed veterinarian.

Breeder SecretsHow You Too Can Breed Dogs Successfully AND Profitably!IntroductionPRIVATE Hi! I'm Jennie Moore and I'm a very successful AND profitable dog breeder. You're about to learn how to be just as successful and profitable as I am, but you're going to get to skip the 20+ years of trial and costly error, and sometimes heartbreak, that I had to go through.

First, I want to talk briefly about why it's important to me that you learn how to be a successful dog breeder AND to be very profitable at it. This is a touchy subject for many people, but I don't believe in avoiding the topic. We're all grown ups here, so we can get right to the point.I believe that if your dogs are profitable for you, then you will take excellent care of them. That's all there is to it. I want you to take excellent care of your dogs. That's my motivation.Now you may already be one of those people that takes excellent care of their dogs, and I hope that you are, BUT the reality is that few people in this economy can really afford to take care of their dogs as well as they'd really like to. I want to enable you to treat your dogs like royalty and buy them the best of everything.

On the other hand, you and I both know that there are people out there that breed dogs and treat them horribly. We can't pretend those people don't exist. For those people, I'm hoping that I can educate them about how much better and easier it is for them and their dogs, if they treat them right. The better they treat their dogs, the more profitable they will be. If that's what motivates them, so be it. Either way, the dogs win. Everyday there are over 8,000 people in the world that decide to breed their dog. One website lists over 100,000 dog breeders in the United States alone. Over 92.3% of those dog breeders surveyed lose money. The other 7% that ARE profitable, are almost always the awful puppy mills. But, over 98.7% of my students are profitable. Do you want to be in the 92% that fail? Or do

you want to be in the 98% that are successful AND profitable?

Even if you only want to breed your dog for fun, how much more fun can it be if you make a lot of money doing it? It just doesnt make sense to not do it right. You owe it to your dogs and to yourself to learn how to be the best dog breeder you can possibly be. You will be better at it and enjoy it more if you are profitable.

Now that weve gotten that out of the way, I want to ensure that you have the same success that I enjoy in raising puppies. I'm here to teach EXACTLY what you need to know every step of the way. So, let's get right to the point... There are three critical components to being a highly successful and profitable dog breeder and we're going to cover all of them in great detail. They are:

1. You Have to Breed (Mate) and Care for All the Dogs Correctly- This ensures that you have large litters of fat, healthy puppies.2. You Have to Keep Costs to a Minimum-This is where most breeders make the biggest mistakes and lose massive amounts of money.

3. You Have to Know How to Sell the Puppies Fast and for Very High Prices- It doesn't do any good to have great puppies you don't know how to sell quickly and for top dollar.

If You Miss Any One of These Three Critical Components,You'll Fail as a Successful and Profitable Dog Breeder! Unfortunately, most dog breeders miss ALL THREE of these highly important aspects of being a successful dog breeder. To prove my point, I'd like you to do a little test for me... I highly encourage you to call up any good breeder in your area and chat with them a little bit about their dogs. Then, when the time is right, politely ask them how much profit they make on each litter. Without a doubt, they will always say they are lucky if they break even, or they lose money. They'll then tell you they breed dogs because they love them and/or it's just an expensive hobby for them.This is the sad reality for almost all dog breeders. This is because most of them are missing major parts of information for all three important components I mentioned. They don't know how to properly breed or care for their dogs and they end up losing puppies or nursing back to health sickly, weak puppies. Some even have trouble getting the female pregnant. Then they spend tons of money at the vet because they don't know how simple and inexpensive it is to do all the puppy medical care yourself. It literally costs less than a cheap breakfast for everything that each puppy needs. These breeders also spend a ton of money on dog food because they have no idea how breeders can get top quality dog food delivered to their door for free.

Then the final major mistake they make is when they under value their pupp


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