Breeder Flock & Hatchery Management. Breeder Flock Management Breeder Selection –Conformation –Color –Size –Health –Turkeys, ducks and geese selected

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  • Breeder Flock & Hatchery Management
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  • Breeder Flock Management Breeder Selection Conformation Color Size Health Turkeys, ducks and geese selected annually Chickens selected every 3 months Allows for on-going production Hens at different stages, some always coming into lay Dont have to force hens to molt out of season
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  • Conformation
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  • Male Barred Rock Female Barred Rock
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  • Breeder Flock Management Product Variability Product Consistency Genetic Diversity (Healthy) Genetic Uniformity
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  • Breeder Flock Management Pedigreed Breeding What is it Why to use it When to use it Range Breeding What it is, why to use it, when to use it Injuries Aggression
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  • Breeder Flock Management Feed Nesting Egg gathering Fertility varies with weather and season
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  • Hatchery Management Physical plant requirements Washing eggs Storing eggs Setting eggs
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  • Hatchery Management Incubators GSTR has 5 6000 egg incubators for turkeys and one 5500 egg hatcher
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  • Hatchery Management GSTR has a separate hatchery for chickens ducks and geese Two incubators that each hold 1200 eggs Never set multiple species in the same incubator at the same time
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  • Hatchery Management Turkeys: 28 day incubation period Set eggs once per week March May 15 Candle on day 10 Move to hatcher at day 25 Remove from hatcher at 28 days Ducks and geese also 28 days
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  • Hatchery Management Chickens: 21 day incubation period Set eggs once a week February - September Candle on day 5 or 6 Move to hatcher on day 18 Remove from hatcher on day 21
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  • Hatchery Management Fertility checks Candle turkeys, ducks and geese on day 10 Candle chickens on day 5 or 6 Remove bad eggs! Explosions result in bacterial contamination and a huge clean up job! Monitor incubators daily sniff check Hatching
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  • Hatchery Management Sorting Help hatchling? Mortality Deformed birds Boxing Delivery ground shipping only
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  • Hatchery Management Incubator cleaning and sanitation Wash everything, including floors Disease management
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  • Hatchery
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  • Record Keeping This is essential! Date: # hens # eggs fertile # eggs set # eggs hatched # eggs delivered and to whom # mortalities at 24 hours Monitor trends by breeder, breed, and date Evaluate and thoughtfully adjust system