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  1. 1. 2014, PAYCHEX, Inc. All rights reserved. Discover Paychex Flex
  2. 2. Your Paychex Team Rep Name Title Justin Nichols 918-510-6846 Sr. Sales Consultant
  3. 3. Agenda & Timeline
  4. 4. Paychex Notable Clients
  5. 5. More than 580,000 clients and growing 40+ Years of Leadership and Innovation Branch offices across 50 U.S. States Publicly transparent (NASDAQ: PAYX) Financially stable with no long-term debt Paying 10 million U.S. private-sector workers Ninth-largest mover of funds in the U.S. 11.6 million employee W-2s annually $600 billion in annual client fund transfers 1 in 15 U.S. workers paid bi-weekly Largest 401(k) administrator nationally
  6. 6. Honored and Respected for Over 40 Years Top 125 Training Organizations Training Magazine Worlds Most Admired Companies Fortune Magazine Worlds Most Ethical Companies Ethisphere Institute Largest 401(k) Recordkeeper PlanSponsor Magazine The preferred payroll and retirement services provider for the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Program.
  7. 7. 2014, PAYCHEX, Inc. All rights reserved. Paychex is our essential business partner, helping us manage a complex multi-client enterprise and processing about 9,000 checks per pay period and 25,000 Form W-2s annually. Russell M. Miranda, Partner, Adrian A. Gaspar & Company
  8. 8. Traditionally separate HR software programs re-architected into one full-service platform, accessible from anywhere. the kind of foundational work that is rarely seen or understood by customers, investors, or even analysts. Leading HR Technology analyst, Human Resource Executive Online, June 24, 2013 A Whole New Industry Standard
  9. 9. True Cloud Software-as-a-Service Technology One system for complete service options One employee profile of record One login per user Top 250 Business Technology Innovator InformationWeek One simple solution for multiple needs.
  10. 10. Payroll New Hire Benefits Time Performance Screening HR Admin Training Retirement ***** 5/5 star rating Software and Service CPA Practice Advisor On-demand services are easy to start, use, and adjust as needs change. Complete Service Subscriptions Recruiting
  11. 11. 24/7 Anytime Support Implementation HR Generalist Relationship Manager Comprehensive Training Dedicated Specialist Dedicated Account Team Choose your desired level of professional support. Flexible Support Options Fully Scalable Professional and Personalized Service Options
  12. 12. Complete options Custom department, group, or individual access and user displays. Company and employee messaging Easy and intuitive to use Control, share, and communicate information across your organization. Custom Employee Access
  13. 13. Employees Personal profile detail Pay stubs and W-2s Time-off detail Benefit details and updates Expense reporting Extend user access with Android and iOS devices. Administrators Company information Detailed employee profile and benefits information Start, edit, and approve payroll Expense reporting Applicants Job postings and applications State-of-the-Art Mobility Options Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.
  14. 14. Real-time and historical data Flexible standard reports Intuitive custom reports Visual analytics Multi-format data exports Custom general ledger reporting Powerful Business Intelligence
  15. 15. Dedicated on- and off-site HR support HR and regulatory support Policy and procedural assistance Management training and support Self-paced online learning Management and employee manuals, forms, and documentation Full benefit plans and administration Employee handbook development State unemployment services COBRA services Job descriptions Custom safety program OSHA requirements Employee assistance programs Highly personalized professional support HR Solutions
  16. 16. Payroll and Tax Administration Complete federal, state, and local tax liability taxes, filings, and documentation. Time import Custom grid entry Custom entry templates Instant gross-to-net Contract worker compensation Time benefit accruals Federal, state, and local tax payments and filings Paper and electronic distributions Check reconciliations Garnishment payments Job and labor allocations Custom general ledger outputs Self-service Mobility
  17. 17. Drag-n-drop visual scheduling Interactive voice response Employee messaging Supervisor alert reporting Web, kiosk, wireless, proximity, biometric Self-service Mobility Global positioning stratustime Custom pay rules Complex time-off accruals Intuitive exception handling Calendared time-off scheduling Real-time analytics Custom alerts Custom performance tracking Designed for more competitive workforce needs.
  18. 18. Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Automated job board postings Social media integrations Requisition creation and approval workflows Applicant prescreening and resume collection Interview scheduling and follow-up Hiring manager review workflows Notification and email reminders to applicants, managers, and users Resume, applicant, requisition, and skill search Custom new-hire onboarding Self-service Mobile, tablet, and Web access
  19. 19. Mandated new-hire reporting Onboarding Orientation schedules Background checks and drug testing Dynamic forms Custom employee documents Employment history Asset tracking Training, education, and skills Future dating Hiring and Background Checks Employee Profiles Training curriculum License and certification tracking Custom performance reviews Peer-to-peer, supervisor, and self reviews Performance review tracking Supervisor time-stamp notations Corrective-action logs Total compensation summary Training and Performance Termination Asset tracking COBRA administration State Unemployment Insurance support Human Resource Management
  20. 20. Communications Center HR Regulatory Compliance Support Company portal Notifications and reminders Internal job postings Company directories Employee handbooks Company forms and documents Time-off calendar and administration Net-pay payroll deduction calculators Handbook acknowledgement Form templates Labor posters Affordable Care Act reporting OSHA, COBRA, EEO tracking Salary/rate history Audit trails Document repository Human Resource Management
  21. 21. Job descriptions Salary benchmarks HR and benefits regulatory news Employment law search FAQ topic search Best practices and procedures Self-assessment guides Forms, letters, and posters HR and Benefits Assistance Human Resource Management
  22. 22. Paychex Plan Administration Fully integrated plan administration Automated eligibility determinations Fast enrollment and processing Highly accurate current and historical transaction data Powerful reporting and communication tools Self-service Mobility Paychex Benefit Plans 401(k) retirement 401(k) open architecture Health insurance Flexible spending account Premium only plan Workers compensation Employee assistance program COBRA administration services One system puts employee compensation and benefits information all in one place. Benefits Administration
  23. 23. Complete oversight and control One system for multiple carrier benefits Automatic carrier plan updates Real-time data Point-in-time historical data Automatic eligibility determinations Powerful reporting Robust communication tools Optional open enrollment Bill reconciliation service COBRA service Audit trails BeneTrac One system of record with over 600 benefit carrier connections. Benefits Administration
  24. 24. Essential Payroll Data Workforce Management Data Analytics IRS Reporting Hours worked report Instructional manual Applicable large employer analysis and monitoring Full-time employee analysis and monitoring Coverage adequacy and affordability analysis and monitoring Applicable large employer report Applicable large employer scheduling report Approaching threshold hours report End-of-year reporting on full-time employees Accurate preparation of complex reporting requirements Timely delivery of employer and employee file ready forms Direct e-file reporting Health Care Reform Management BeneTrac Workflows for full-time employee analysis Coverage adequacy and affordability analysis Employee enrollment tracking
  25. 25. Integration with personal and corporate credit cards Centralized policy management Multi-approval and response automation Custom client and vendor tracking Foreign-currency calculations Direct-deposit reimbursements Custom general ledger controls Drill-down reporting and analytics Mobile access Easy user options help deliver unprecedented expense visibility and control. Reimbursable Expense Management
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