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Short workshop on students' digital portfolios


  • 1. are you ready to talk about digital portfolios? /Users/bdixon/Desktop/
  • 2. what do we know? what do we want to know?
  • 3. where are we now?
  • 4. find examples 3 exemplary 3 incomplete
  • 5.
    • The High Tech High Student:
    • Maintains an updated digital portfolio that archives their work
    • Creates a professional design that is both functional and aesthetic
    • Includes an updated resume and personal statement
    • Posts major projects with title/date, image/icon, abstract and links to work
    /Users/bdixon/Desktop/ voice /Users/bdixon/Desktop/
  • 6. Engaging Student in Refleciton Kolbs learning cycle (1984) play video: /Users/bdixon/Desktop/
  • 7.
  • 8. Reflection key words: I learned My perception What interested me This project changed my ideas about Others?
  • 9. wordpress -professional design -updatable from anywhere -no more broken links -search engine friendly -accessible /Users/bdixon/Desktop/ -portable
  • 10. Be more constructive with your feedback! /Users/bdixon/Desktop/ Evaluation brainstorm To rubric or not to rubric
  • 11. fresh posting -authentic reflections occur closest to the actual event ELWM HTHNC Yes Man! tips and tricks
  • 12.
  • 13. action steps


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