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Connenting the home and School through a secure site.


  • 1. Debbie Ivanochko & Michelle Morley

2. BloggingTikatok 3. Can we use technology to expand our assessment of learning? 4. For parents to access their childs work 5. to show growth - writing to show achievement - rhyming words to show competence - long vowel combos Digital literacy portfolios are a way of presenting individual student work that isstored in digital form 6. Secure Site: Require a user name and password 7. Inside each students portfolio are: work sample annotations videos - levelled reading assessment, rhyming words,compound words, short vowels, long vowel combinations,making words, predicting, presenting skills writing samples (scanned) digital photos ie. of how child holds pencil 8. Show And Tell Retelling Making Words Levelled Reading November March 9. Provides a richer view of a child's learning Provides an explanation of learning expectations. Increases communication with parents. Secure Site: May assist in the providing information to Student Service Coordinators Assists in the assessment for and of learning. 10. September February 11. ParentsTeacher Tech Support 12. Flip VideoKodak Argus DV-5470 13. Can use any screen capture tool:Jing Camtasia 14. bandwidth Dial up Low Sharepoint No streaming video 15. k-8 online resources - Presentations Morley: Michelle Debbie Ivanochko:divanochko@mail.gssd.caAdditional Resources: What I want for my Children The Positive Link between Parental Involvement and Children 16. 1. 2. 3. 4.