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Date of Submission: 29.03.2016.

Engr. Fahmida SiddiqaDiamond & Diaper Design of Fabric131-23-3505; 131-23-3301;131-23-3303;131-23-3356;ID:

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DIAMONDSThose that aresymmetricalabout theirverticaland horizontal axes which can be produced with the aid of point draft and vertical waved twilled peg-plan.DIAMOND WEAVEPrinciple of Construction:True diamond shapes converge into a vertex and for this reason mostdesignsof this type can be constructed economically on the point draft basis. The structure may be developed in following two ways:By employing a vertical waved twill or zigzag as the lifting plan in conjunction with the point draft.


By indicating a diamond base and building up the design symmetrically on each side of the centre thread.DIAMONDWhile this represents the same twill arrange to zigzag vertically.Two such repeats are given in each direction.First method is most commonly employed to produce economical diamonds.

DIAMONDLifting plan

Characteristics of diamond design:1. Diamond design combines horizontal zigzag twill and vertical zigzag twill.2. Diamond design is symmetrical on both axis.3. Point drafting system produces diamond design.4. No. of both warp and weft yarns are double to the basic twill in the repeat.5. Dobby loom is generally referred because of large number of ends in the repeat.6. It can be divided into 4 equal parts.7. It can be divided into two equal parts along horizontal and vertical axis.8. Diamond design is used to produce towel, bed cover, table cover, pillow cover etc.DIAMOND

DIAPERSThose that are symmetrical about their diagonal axes, these are based onherringbonedraft and vertical waved twilled peg-plan. Diamond is constructed on wavy twill while Diaper is constructed on herringbone twill.DIAPERSCONSTRUCTIONThis class of weave will form cut effect or dice effect with the implementation of herringbone twill. This effect is used in ornamentation, shirting, etc.DIAPER

Principle of Construction: The simplest weaves of this type are produced as a further development of the herringbone twill, in which the principle of opposing a warp float on the one side of the design by a weft float on the other is extended in both directions, i.e. horizontally and vertically. In this manner a design is formed in which the typical herringbone cut splits the design into four quarters, the diagonally opposite caters being similar. These structures are frequently employed as they are capable of forming large design repeats with considerable economy in the number of heald to be used.



Characteristics of diaper design:1. Diaper design combines horizontal herring bone and vertical herring bone.2. Broken draft or straight draft is used to produce diaper design.3. The repeat size of warp is equal to weft.4. No. of both warp and weft yarns are double to the basic twill in the repeat.5. It can be divided into two equal parts along diagonal axis.6. Diapers from symmetry across their diagonal axis.7. Diaper design is used to produce towel, bed cover, table cover, pillow cover many other household fabrics.DIAPER

Diamond weaveDiaper weaveIt looks like a diamondIt looks like a dice checksIt can be formed by two methodsoBaselineo Wavy twillIt can be formed by using herring bone twillDiamond is asymmetrical on both vertically and horizontally.It is only diagonally similar.This is used for dress material and furnishing fabrics.This is used for dress materials.This weave is produced with point draftIt is not produced with point draft.