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  • Name & Class- Chihiro Omori 9M Due date- 2010 March AIM The aim for this game cover is to make people want to buy them as soon as they see it. The main point is the background London Street and the two silhouettes. These are the things that are making the game cover look mysterious. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for this game cover is for both gender and for people who loves old mysteries, such as Sherlock Holmes, etc. and are fine with grotesque things. (Blood, etc) EXPLAIN I wanted to make a mystery game so I chose old backgrounds (The London street) and chose fonts that seem like someones handwriting. The magnifying glass and the two silhouettes at the cover is to show that this games genre is mystery. This goes for the back covers item list. The blood at the back cover is to show that this game contains violence. At first, I decided to put 8 characters in the front cover, but when I imagined the final piece, the character looked all the same after being rendered, and the characters covered all the background and there were no space for the title so I changed plans. I only used two silhouettes of people and to put impact on the title, I put the title on top of the magnifying glass picture. The background seems a little brown because I used color burn and made the actual picture look old. I looked at the actual game covers that are being sold and noticed that they have a catch copy and some pictures so I used those ideas too. I changed the colors of the important terms into red, and for the pictures, I made a brown box and a white box to look like a wooden frame and put the pictures (pipes, pocket watch, etc.) as a little item information for the game.

  • The red blood like thing at the back cover was made by using the brush tool. I just dragged it while clicking. The template and the image was taken from the internet.

    The first silhouette was made by rendering the image I have. Render: Pen toolclick around the pictureLayerNew fill layerSolid color

    The font at the front cover was made spherical by: FilterDistortSpherise The second silhouette was made by the same process. (Rendering) The glasses and the hands are appearing even though it was rendered because I erased it.