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  • The BESSenger

    Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science

    BESS Award Banquet Special Edition April , 2016 g

    The University of Tennessee Soil Judging team Soil Vols recently (April 2 to April 8, 2016) competed in the National Soil Judging Competition hosted by Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas. The team had an overall finish of 12th out 24 teams. The team captain Kristin Moretz placed 9th individually. This year the team was coached by Dr. Mark Radosevich and Candace Wilson. One of the interesting things this year was that we took the Tour of the Bison Loop at the Konza prairie and learned the impacts of prairie fire and grazing on prairie restoration. We also attended an orientation and learned about Kansas geology and the parent material from which Kansas soils were derived.

    Soil Vols in the Nationals CASNR 56th Annual Awards Recognitions At the recent CASNR Award recognitions, several BESS Students were recognized. Outstanding Students in Academic Majors 2013-2014

    BSE ESS Outstanding Freshmen Jordan Brewer Aiden Collins Outstanding Sophomore Natalie Peay Johnni Orozco Outstanding Junior Miles Ownby Sarah Ottinger Outstanding Senior Barbara Smith John Taylor College Outstanding Students 2013-2014 Outstanding Junior Emine Fidan (BSE) Outstanding Senior Bonnie Craighead

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    This year we had 4 Senior Design entries out of a total of 13 in the Engineering Design category. The Trail Saver Team: John Donlon, Eddy Kiombe, Barbara Smith. Mentors: Paul Ayers & Andrea Ludwig placed 5th Passive Soil Water Vapor Extraction Design for Road Subgrades. Team: Ethan Messimore, Ben Sisco, RA Warden. Mentors: John Tyner & Daniel Yoder placed 4th RSWaTS: Rural School Wastewater Treatment System. Team: Parker Dulin, Peyton Smith, James Swart. Mentor: John Buchanan Placed 3rd Calf Bottle Monitoring System. Team: Hayden Jordan, Taylor Overton, Jonathan Yoder. Mentor: John Wilkerson placed 1st and won the overall Silver award for the College of Engineering.

    From left to right: Candace Wilson, (Assist. Coach ), Sky Roberts, Nicole Lytle, Kristin Moretz, Kegan Handley, Devone Coleman

    EUReCA Competition Awards

    Silver Award Winner (1st place in Design) From left to right: Hayden Jordan, Jonathan Yoder, Taylor Overton

  • and teaching programs. Prior to joining BESS his expertise was in the power generation field, working mainly with gas and steam turbines, and hydro-dam systems. Before settling in at BESS he worked all over the United States and parts of Europe in this field. He also taught apprenticeship programs in Machine Tool Technology & Welding Technology at Tennessee College of Applied Technology. Scott continues to sit on the Advisory Board Committee for TCATs Machine Tool Program. Scott is also owner and president of American King-V, LLC., a V-8 motorcycle manufacturing company.

    BESS Award Banquet Special Edition April , 2016 g

    Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science

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    Dr. Julie Carrier Danielle Julie (goes by Julie) has been faculty since 1996, first at the University of Saskatchewan in Bioresource Engineering (Saskatoon, Canada) until 2000, then from 2000 to 2016 at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville

    Arkansas) in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and now in the Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science (BESS) at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee). She received her BSc in Agricultural Engineering in 1984, her M Eng in Chemical Engineering in 1986 and her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1992, all from McGill University in Montreal Canada. From 1992 to 1996, she was doing post-doctoral work at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands and at the Plant Biotechnology Institute in Saskatoon Canada. While at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Arkansas, her research program was focused on the extraction of carbohydrates and phytochemicals from biomass, such as milk thistle, poplar, pine and sweetgum. She was particularly interested by pressurized hot water or dilute acid extractions, such that these unit operations could be coupled to existing biochemical biorefinery processing technology or pulp mill operations. She is the author of more than 84 peer-reviewed publications and has trained more than eighteen graduate students. She has worked with numerous student organizations, mentored honors thesis, and participated in scientific information dissemination forums. She is delighted to now be part of the BESS family and looking forward to working with each and every one of you.

    organic matter stabilization to identifying best agroecosystem management practices for sustainable crop production. Before joining BESS, Dr. Jagadamma held two postdoctoral positions. The first postdoctoral appointment was at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where her research was mostly focused on studying the microbial processing of soil organic carbon in response to environmental change. Her second postdoctoral appointment was with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of TN. At this position, she investigated the coupled hydrological-geochemical-microbiological processes that control the degradation of contaminants from groundwater and sediments. Dr. Jagadamma is very excited to be a part of BESS and her focus will be to develop a research program on soil and nutrient management for sustainable crop production.

    Dr. Sindhu Jagadamma Dr. Sindhu Jagadamma has joined as an Assistant Professor at BESS on April 1, 2016. She received her masters and doctorate degrees in Soil Science from the Ohio State University. Dr. Jagadammas research has been both fundamental and applied in nature, spanning from understanding molecular -scale mechanistic processes of soil

    Scott K. Tucker joined BESS on April 27th, 2015 as Senior Laboratory Machinist, and performs day to day operations in the BESS Machine Research Lab. His primary focus is machining, fabricating, assembling, finishing prototype instruments and various system and subsystem components to support departmental research, extension

    Scott Tucker

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