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Degree Audit A Tool for Completion. Chaffey College Success Guides. 2 Keys to Achieving Your Goals at Chaffey College:. Creating an Educational Plan Must be done with a Counselor Will need a 30 min. appointment Can be viewed on MyChaffeyView Monitoring your Progress on Goal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Degree AuditA Tool for CompletionChaffey College Success Guides</p> <p>12 Keys to Achieving Your Goals at Chaffey College:Creating an Educational Plan Must be done with a Counselor Will need a 30 min. appointment Can be viewed on MyChaffeyView</p> <p>Monitoring your Progress on Goal Review GE/major requirements Identify benchmarks &amp; goals Use S.G. to link to pathway options</p> <p>2</p> <p>New online tool to Track your progress.</p> <p>3Degree Audit AdvantagesGives students independent access to self-monitor progressShows completed coursework Highlights academic areas in need of completionProvides class options needed to fulfill requirements Explores options through What if Scenarios </p> <p>4Important Considerations...Catalog Year</p> <p>Assessment Scores</p> <p>Major</p> <p>Chaffey Goal: Certificate, AA/AS, Transfer</p> <p>[HIDDEN SLIDE]</p> <p>Log-In and Walk through Degree Audit:</p> <p>Remind that it is Unofficial</p> <p>Talk about Catalog Year</p> <p>Talk about Program of Study Designation</p> <p>Talk about Degree Selection (suffixes)</p> <p>Talk about Transfer and University Studies</p> <p>Focus on Information in Section Headers (6 units not 6 classes, etc).6Degree Audit QuirksLimitations with Transfer (XFER) *EQ notations **Classes that Double CountClasses with a LabPre-Requisite Sequences not ShownNon-Chaffey/AP ClassesUnofficial only!!!</p> <p>* Transfer students choose current catalog year and can audit GE progress using CSU or IGETC cert. and/or University Studies</p> <p>** Regarding EQ notations on Degree Audit: Sometimes when pre-reqs are cleared using high school coursework they are noted on the audit as GE requirements being satisfied. An example of this is chemistry. Although students have the chem pre-req waived by an evaluator using their H.S. transcript, it does not mean that the GE physical science requirement has been fulfilled. They would still need to choose a class from this section. This is also true for the reading/math requirement for graduation. An EQ may show up on the audit when H.S. transcripts were used to meet pre-reqs or when coordinator special approval was granted. Again, this does not necessarily mean that the graduation requirement was met. The only way for students to know for sure is to look up their assessment results to confirm that they have met the requirement (Eligible for Reading 1 &amp; Math 25) </p> <p>7</p> <p> Follow-up with a Success Guide </p> <p> Make an appointment with a Counselor each semester to update ED plan &amp; ensure youre on track to achieve your Chaffey goalNext Steps....</p> <p>8</p>