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Presentation at the Daily Deals Summit Europe by Guy Hanson, Director Response Consulting at Return Path


  • 1.Deals, Discounts andDeliverabilityGuy HansonDirector, Response Consulting, Return PathMarch 19, 2012

2. Agenda Introduction Email Deliverability Matters Mobile Email Also Matters Watch Your Reputation! Daily Deal Intelligence Groupon Success 3. Making Email Better on a Global ScaleOver a Decade of Email ExpertiseSampling of our clients Leader in email monitoring, deliverability,certification, and anti-phishing solutions 300+ dedicated email professionals Offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco,London, Paris, Hamburg, Sydney, and SaoPaoloProven Data Infrastructure Over 2 billion inboxes comprise ourcertification program 26 million IPs scored daily by Return Path Nearly 300 ISP partners globallyDelivering Measurable ROI Over 12 years of shaping and driving theemail ecosystem Serving over 2,000 leading brands acrossretail / eCommerce, publishing, socialmedia and financial services sectors 4. Email is great fordeveloping loyalcustomers and activesubscribers. 72% Percentage of companies rate email as excellent or good for return on investment. Source: Econsultancy "Email Marketing Census 2011" (2011) 5. No Inbox. No Click.No ROI. 6. Email Deliverability: Latest Benchmark Global75.9 9.1 15.0Central/Latin America 71.618.1 10.3InboxAsia Pacific66.55.228.3Bulk North America79.3 7.4 13.3 MissingEurope 86.4 5.6 8 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%100%Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 7. Email Deliverability: Europe Average Nearly 14% of legitimate email never reaches European consumer inboxesThats nearly 3 out of every 20 emails sent!Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 8. Email Deliverability: by CountryEuropean Deliverability, 2H11UK83.07.0 10.0 Spain 77.8 4.6 17.7INBOX Italy90.0 4.4 5.7BULK GermanyMISSING81.313.7 5.0France 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%100%Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 9. Email Deliverability: Daily Deal by countryDaily Deal Inbox Cross-Industry CountryIndexPlacement RateBenchmark 98.3% 79.3%124 92.2% 77.8%119 97.7% 91.1%107 86.1% 83.0%104 90.2% 90.0%100 74% 81.3% 91Source: Return Path Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H11 10. Mobile EmailMatters 11. The Growth of Mobile 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% webmail 25% 20% desktop 15% mobile 10%5%0% Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11Source: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 12. The Growth of MobileSource: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 13. Mobile Opens: what you need to know+ = 97%Source: Return Path Mobile Study 2012 14. Why do my goodemails getblocked? 15. Its All About Reputation (and Sender Behavior)! 16. ISPs use your senderreputation to make filtering decisions. Apoor reputationmeans, your email willget blocked. 17. Impacting Factors for Email Filtering 18. Youre in Control ofYour Reputation 19. Reputation ScoresAverage Reputation Score95.5Average Inbox Placement Low 90% 20. Reputation ScoresAverage Reputation Score84.6Average Inbox Placement Low 80% 21. Daily Deal EmailIntelligence 22. Behavioural Metrics Panel Data For Daily Deals SectorAverage Read Average Spam ActivityRate Rate>= 10 messages16%5%>= 100 messages 15%8% >= 1,000 messages14% 12% Delegate Email Programs4% - 31%1% - 5% The three metrics that are most likely to reduce your IPR are: complaint rate, spam trap hit rate and unknown user rate. People cant complain about email they dont receive. Complaints hurt marketers when their email IS getting delivered. A high complaint rate with a high delivered rate is an indication that your delivered rate will soon start dropping if you dont make fixes, fast. Return Path Sender Reputation Report, 2011 23. Behavioural Metrics Daily Deals Service Emails Message Type Average Read Rate Average Spam Rate Password reset 75%2% Order confirmation 66%1%Welcome email 37%5%Newsletter email25%4% Language Variations Coupon 25%6% Voucher17%1% 24. Behavioural Metrics Daily Deals Offer EmailsMessage TypeARR Index ASR IndexMoney 19% 119 3% 60 Discount 18% 113 3% 60 Free 16% 100 8%160 Save 15%94 12% 240Valentines Day 17% 106 4% 80 Mothers Day 24% 150 23% 460 Sex15%94 2% 40 25. Daily Deal CaseStudy 26. Leading Deal-of-the Day Site Sending our mail through Return Path Certified IPs allows us to John Becvar know 98%+ of our emails are being delivered to inboxes on time.Sr. Dir. Relationship Management There is no question in our mind Return Path Certification is an Groupon investment with a significant return for our business. Challenge SolutionResults Subscribers who dont receive a Return Path Certification Test 2% better open ratestimely morning email announcing Selected a small market and used Increased click-through rates of 6%that days deals have less two different IPs to send email toopportunity to take advantage of Certified mail send speed was 40% 70,000 subscribers each day for twoGroupons limited-time offers. faster, translating into lower weeks operation costs realized by a smaller Due to volume (over 1 billion emails Measured impact on ensuring the number of deferrals caused bysent monthly in North America delivery of email to subscribers throttling, and better control overalone), throttling (e.g. delivery inboxes during key times and to the time its subscribers receive theirspeeds were slowed down by measure any increase in open rate,daily offers.receiving servers) at some major click rate and impact on purchasesISPs.40 % Increase in Delivery Speed; Increased Response Rates 27. Lets Connect!Guy HansonDirector, Response @ReturnPath @GuyHanson