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  • DCTA Project Update Thomas M. LeBeau Vice President Capital Projects
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  • Agency Background Formation 2002: (HB 3323/Chapter 460) Formation 2002: (HB 3323/Chapter 460) Initial Service Plan Development Fixed Route Bus ServicesFixed Route Bus Services University of North TexasUniversity of North Texas Rail ServiceRail Service A-train: Phase I (In service 2011)Phase I (In service 2011) 10 miles from Carrollton to Lewisville Lake Cross platform transfer to DART (Trinity Mills) Three Stations: Hebron, Old Town & Highland Village/Lewisville Lake.
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  • Agency Background Phase II (In service 2012) Phase II (In service 2012) 11.5 miles from Lewisville Lake to Downtown Denton Two Stations: MedPark & Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) DDTC Bus and Rail Current Plan Current Plan Revenue Service June 2011 o 21.3 miles, Carrollton Denton o All five Commuter Rail Stations o 100% Locally Funded Regional Toll Revenue Funds
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  • Corridor Challenges 21.5 Miles 21.5 Miles I35E I35E Missouri, Kansas, Texas Missouri, Kansas, Texas Rails to Trails Rails to Trails DART/Denton Owned DART/Denton Owned Utility Relocations Utility Relocations 19 Mile Fiber 30 RAW Waterline Existing Freight Service Existing Freight Service DGNO Short-line 4 Customers 3 5 Trains per week
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  • Station Challenges Site Selection Site Selection Fixed Route Bus and Rail System Integration Design Approvals Design Approvals Municipal and Community Input Simple Cost Effective Aesthetically Consistent Jurisdictional Multi-Use Agreements Jurisdictional Multi-Use Agreements Two Vehicle Types: Two Vehicle Types: Budd Rail Diesel Cars (Start-up) Diesel Multiple Unit (Ultimate)
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  • Hebron Station 9.266 Acres 9.266 Acres Phase I 6.06 Acres Phase II 3.026 Acres Parking Parking Phase I 393/13ADA Phase II 267 Total 610 / 13ADA Total 610 / 13ADA
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  • Old Town Station 9.085 Acres 9.085 Acres Phase I 5.285 Acres Phase II 3.80 Acres Parking Parking Phase I 357 / 12 ADA Phase II 240 Total 587 / 12 ADA Total 587 / 12 ADA
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  • HV/LL Station 2.805 Acres 2.805 Acres Phase I Parking 133 spaces / 5 ADA Phase II Parking 467 spaces / 10 ADA TxDOT (I35E) Total 600 / 15 ADA Total 600 / 15 ADA
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  • MedPark Station 12.805 Acres 12.805 Acres Single Phase Opening Total 705/ 18 ADA Medical Center Access
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  • Downtown Denton TC 2.5 Acres 2.5 Acres Parking 60 / 13 ADA Direct Access to DCTA Fixed Route Bus Service 6,000SF of DCTA Bus Ops and Retail Space Enhanced Passenger Amenities
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  • Delivery Method Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) Pre-Construction Services Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Cost Plus Fixed Fee Lessons Learned Lessons Learned Pre-Construction Start NTP Early in Design Design Completion (Validation) Prior to GMP Negotiations Value Engineering Teamwork Mindset Critical Agency + Designer + Contractor = Success Transparency by all parties
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  • Vehicle Procurement Budd RDC vs. Stadler GTW Budd RDC vs. Stadler GTW Challenges Extended Vehicle Procurement Clearance ADA Compliant Level Boarding Limited Re-work at Fleet Conversion FRA Compliant vs. Non-Compliant
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  • Vehicle Procurement Budd RDCs (Start Up) Budd RDCs (Start Up) Stations Constructed to Stadler GTW Boarding Requirements o Significant Step Difference During RDC Operations o ADA Compliance o Step Filler Solution o Temporary Mini High ADA Platforms
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  • Vehicle Procurement Stadler GTW (Swiss Manufacturer) Stadler GTW (Swiss Manufacturer) Positives o Provides ADA Level Boarding o Sleek Aesthetically Pleasing Design o Fuel Efficient o Environmentally Friendly o Enhanced Performance o Crash Energy Management Negatives o Currently FRA Non-compliant
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  • Vehicle Procurement Alternative Vehicle Technology Alternative Vehicle Technology Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) Engineering Task Force Crashworthiness Guideline Development FRA, APTA, Car Builders and Agencies DCTA and Stadler Active Role with FRA toward Implementation
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  • Vehicle Procurement Alternative Vehicle Technology Alternative Vehicle Technology DCTA Vehicle Modifications 11 Stadler GTWs Under Production to Fully Comply with FRA AVT Guidelines End, Side, Corner, Rollover and Coupler Strength Requirements Passenger and Operator Seat Standards
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  • Vehicle Procurement Alternative Vehicle Technology Alternative Vehicle Technology Why? Increased Safety Regional flexibility Operate with compliant equipment No temporal separation Increased competition
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  • Construction Progress At-Grade Crossings At-Grade Crossings Total of 43 Quiet Zone Design Civil Upgrades Crossing Warning Protection FRA QZ Approvals 50% Complete Keys to Successful Completion Jurisdictional Coordination Public Involvement and Notification
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  • Construction Progress Structures Structures Total of 26 Bridge and Culvert Crossings Elm Fork and Lewisville Lake Major Rehabilitation Loop 288 Grade Separation Rail from Vehicle Traffic Improve Safety Traffic Congestion Relief 81% Complete
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  • Construction Progress Facilities Facilities Five Stations Trinity Mills 95% Complete Hebron 95% Complete Old Town 90% Complete HV/LL 70% Complete MedPark 40% Complete DDTC 60% Complete O&M Facility 25% Completion Commissioning August 2011
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  • Construction Progress Track and Civil Track and Civil 77% Complete South to North Heading Focus Two-Thirds Under Construction Noise Wall Construction Utility Relocations 19 Mile Verizon FO 100% 30 Raw Waterline 75% DME Power Line 100%
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  • Construction Progress Systems and Communications Systems and Communications 65% Complete New Crossing Warning Protection Preemption and Traffic Signal Upgrades New Wayside Signal Upgrades Fiber Optic Backbone Communication System Full Communications Dispatch Center
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