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  • 1. Shopping Cart Dashboard Chris Andersen, Zach Anderson, Sara Nazemian, Armand Pettenon, Justin Reckamp
  • 2. Inspiration & Opportunity Organization Hold list Write something down Dual purpose for kids
  • 3. Marketplace U.S. grocery stores: 37,000 Avg. shopping trips per week: 2.3 Avg. shopping trip during week: 27 minutes Avg. shopping trip during weekend: 72 minutes Avg. overall trip: 52 minutes 5949 MINUTES PER YEAR = 99 HOURS PER YEAR Target: Young family / Female with children Women account for nearly two-thirds of daily grocery shoppers Source FMI (The Food Marketing Institute)
  • 4. Customer Needs Customer interviews Unit should be easy to carry in and out of stores Should be able to carry unit in my purse It should be priced affordably It should be able to carry my iPad Dashboard should have space for my kids to write on and play games. I dont want it to have a bunch of pieces It has to be quick to attach to the cart as Im in a hurry usually Needs to be sturdy enough to support my kids use while Im using the cart Areas of Focus Ease of carry Size Easy to attach Security Price
  • 5. Competitive Patent Analysis Shopping cart organizer (US8256651 B2) Document holder for cart (US7871051 B2)
  • 6. Concept Sketches Initial concept sketches:
  • 7. Concept Selection Selection Criteria Weights Rating (1-10) Weighted Score Rating (1-10) Weighted Score Rating (1-10) Weighted Score Unit will be easy to carry in and out of stores 30% 7 2.1 6 1.8 7 2.1 Unit will be able to support the shopping materials I need 25% 8 2 7 1.75 4 1 Unit will quickly be able to be attached to the cart 25% 8 2 8 2 6 1.5 Unit will stay attached securely during use 10% 7 0.7 6 0.6 6 0.6 Unit will be priced economically 10% 7 0.7 7 0.7 6 0.6 7.5 6.85 5.8 1 2 3 Yes No No Concept Selection Scoring Matrix Continue? Net Score Concepts (1) Adjustable with kids area (2) Resting/Seat cover (3) Vertical attachment Rank
  • 8. Prototype Low fidelity Learnings: Clamp to cart is critical and locking mechanism needs to be changed.
  • 9. Alpha Prototype Prototype CADS
  • 10. Alpha Prototype (Prototype Use Video)
  • 11. Materials and Assembly Materials: Rapid Prototyping Machine 1.75mm Die Red PLA Filament, 1kg 1/8'' Clear Acrylic sheets (2) 1/4'' x 2-1/2" Drive Screws (2) 1/4'' Washers (8) 1/4'' Wing nuts (2) 1/4'' Nuts (2) Klean Strip - Acetone 1qt. Assembly: Cut two sheets of acrylic 16 printed pieces Glued together with acetone Hardware added last
  • 12. Alpha Prototype Improvements 4 Improvements: Larger lip on the base facing the adult Clip to hold down paper facing the adult Improvement to the tightening mechanism on the wing nut (photo) Overall thinner unit. (Prototype Comments Video)
  • 13. Mold Design Mass Production Molds: Mold design for unit if mass produced
  • 14. Financial Model Development cost: $200,000 (year 1) Ramp up cost: $80,000 Unit production cost: $2.12 Sales volume: 2,500 units Unit price: $12.00 Annualized discount rate: 10% Projected NPV: $12,668
  • 15. Conclusion Feel there is a need in the marketplace Continue focus on young families / female audience Feel that this product delivers upon customer needs Product has an advanced design Product can be created economically for large scale production. Should the focus be on selling to consumers or to grocery chains?


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