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  • Darlene Fichter Data Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan Libraries http://library.usask.ca/~fichter/ February 20, 2002 Usability Testing on a Shoestring
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  • Outline What is usability? Why does it matter? Simple techniques and tests Demonstration of task based testing? Overview
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  • Usability Usability is the combination of fitness for purpose, ease of use, and ease of learning that makes a product effective. Dorothy Kushner Overview
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  • Why Usability Matters Bad design Examples? Do you ever use them again? Do you feel loyal? Overview
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  • Good Design Invisible Usability has been called the science of the obvious Overview
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  • Books, Articles and Research Dont need to invent the wheel Read, learn, look it up! Many great sites: www.usability.govwww.usability.gov Overview
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  • Techniques & Tests Admissions Prospective Students Enroll Registration Testing Cognitive Walkthroughs Heuristic Evaluation Preference Testing Task Based Testing Field Studies
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  • Task Based Testing Users are given specific tasks Verbalize their thoughts Only AFTER they have failed, can you provide direction Observe, record, and debrief Testing
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  • Lab Setting Special labs with one way glass Eye tracking equipment Testing
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  • Guerilla Testing Idea popularized by Jakob Nielsen Showed that simple low tech testing of five users could yield excellent results 5 users will typically uncover 80% of the site-level usability problems Testing
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  • Preparation 1.What do you want to know? 2.Who? Segment the audience. 3.Design your sample. 4.Develop your tasks. 5.Recruit testers. 6.Do a beta test. Testing
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  • During the Test Observers: Time each task Record (notes, video, software) actions, expressions, comments and tester behaviors Do NOT help the user Testing
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  • Typical measures Time - how many seconds? Errors - incorrect answers? User cant complete the task User is slowed down User is annoyed or irritated slightly Satisfaction Testing
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  • Demonstration Carleton Carleton U of A U of A Testing
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  • Task 1 You are planning to enrolling as Graduate Student in Sociology. You want to know the: Deadline for application Application process Tuition fee
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  • Task 2 You jus bought a wireless modem for your computer and wonder if it will work anywhere on the new campus?
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  • Participant Task Number 12345MedianMean 160540240 280 2840506012090267.5 3600300240300380 4180300240 5 8058175170 150.6 6420 7180 Summary of Results Testing
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  • Debriefing Brief survey measuring user satisfaction Site structure - can they draw a map User satisfaction (subjective) Other measures: What the user can recall about the site or if they can manoeuvre easily on the screen space. Testing
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  • When to Test Before redesign Paper mockups Wire frames Beta testing Live site Peer site Testing Wire frame
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  • Why Test You cant believe what users say Self referential design ROI - save everyone time and money. Avoid web team battles Convince your manager Do it for the users. Testing
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  • Questions Darlene Fichter Data Library Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan Resources library.usask.ca/~fichter/usability/ Questions


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