By Darlene Fichter and Harpreet Aulakh Data Library Services October 2, 2007

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Overview of Government Statistics Sociology 332.6 Principles of Research Design. By Darlene Fichter and Harpreet Aulakh Data Library Services October 2, 2007. Outline. Using the Library for Your Assignment Understanding Official Statistics Demo and Hands on Practice with Online Statistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By Darlene Fichter and Harpreet AulakhData Library Services

    October 2, 2007Overview of Government StatisticsSociology 332.6 Principles of Research Design

  • OutlineUsing the Library for Your AssignmentUnderstanding Official StatisticsDemo and Hands on Practice with Online StatisticsBrief tour of Government Publications

  • Predict and InvestigatePurpose:familiarize yourself with the official statistics

    4-page report toDevelop a Research Question from the statsProvide the answer from statsExplain how data answers questionRead at least 2 journal articles and incorporate finds/arguments into report [ Sociological Abstracts ]

  • Statistics CanadaGovernment agency tasked with producing statistics on Canadas population, economy, population, culture and societyGoverned by Statistics Act, Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 Regularly been recognized as the best statistics agency in the world (The Economist) or StatCan

  • Statistics CanadaConducts 350 surveys each year on all aspects of Canadian lifeCountry-wide census every five years

  • Three WaysPrintGovernment Publications (GovPubs) 2nd FloorDownloadable Print (PDF), E-Stat etc.

  • Terms and TerminologyYour terms vs. Statistics Canada termsStatistics Canada Thesaurus

    Internet Shoppingor Shopping onlineElectronic Commerce

  • Print Publications - Government Publications2nd FloorCA1 BS 11-010Canadian Economic ObservationsCA1 BS 71-201Historical Labour Force StatisticsCA1 BS 81-003Education Quarterly ReviewCA1 BS 82-003Health ReportsCA1 BS 84-209Mortality List of Causes

  • Print Publications - Reference Stacks, First FloorCA1 BS 85 C205 Canadian Crime StatisticsCA1 BS 89 C503D Women in CanadaCA1 BS 91-C213 Annual Demographic Statistics

  • Census Print & Online Versions2001 Census Ref CA1 BTD1996 Census Gov Pub CA1 BTC1991 CensusGov Pub CA1 BTB1861 Census Gov Pubs CA 1 BSB 1986 Census Gov Pubs CA1 BTA

  • StrategiesFind a report of interest. Look at the tables and footnotes to see the sources of data. They often list a CANSIM number or a Census publication.Library Home PageSubject pagesSociologyStart with most current print, work backwards in print and forwards onlineIn Librarys Catalogue use Word optionStatistics Canada and additional terms

  • No Clue Where to Start?Browse:Index of the Statistics Canada Catalogue Ref Stacks CA1 BS11 C204Statistics Canada Daily the Gov Pubs Stats

  • Try This PublicationCanadian Social TrendsArticles and statistical tables that look at the social, economic, and demographic trends that affect Canadians.

  • Talk to a LibrarianReference Desk Murray Library

  • Finding the Handouts OnlineData Library ServicesBlog on the right hand sidePost links to the three handouts

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