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DANGEROUS DISASTERS. Created by Tracy Glova , Daniela Nguyen, and Ly Truong. TOP 10 DEADLIEST EARTHQUAKES. Ten: The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 Nine: The Ashgabat Earthquake of 1924 Eight: The Hokkaido Earthquake of 1730 Seven: The Ardabil Earthquake of 1997 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



DANGEROUS DISASTERSCreated by Tracy Glova, Daniela Nguyen, and Ly Truong.TOP 10 DEADLIEST EARTHQUAKESTen: The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923Nine: The Ashgabat Earthquake of 1924Eight: The Hokkaido Earthquake of 1730Seven: The Ardabil Earthquake of 1997Six: The Damghan Earthquake of 856Five: The Indian Ocean Earthquake of 2004Four: The Aleppo Earthquake of 1138Three: The Haiyuan Earthquake of 1920Two: The Tangshan Earthquake of 1976One: The Shaanzi Earthquake of 155610: THE GREAT KANTOEARTHQUAKE OF 1923Date: September 01, 1923Location: the Kanto plain of Honshu, JapanMagnitude: 8.3 on the Richter scaleDuration: 4-10 minutes (11:58 AM)Death toll: 142,000 peopleResulting damage: 381,000 houses were burned; 694,000 houses were damaged

9: THE ASHGABAT EARTHQUAKE OF 1948Date: October 06, 1948Location: Ashgabat, TurkmenistanMagnitude: 7.3 on the Richet scaleDuration: Unknown (2:17 am)Death toll: 100,000 peopleResulting damage: Brick building collapsed; concrete structure were heavily damaged; freight trails were detailed

8: THE HOKKAIDO EARTHQUAKE OF 1730Date: December 30, 1730Location: Hokkaido, JapanMagnitude: 8.3 on the Richter scaleDuration: UnknownDeath toll: 137,000 peopleResulting damage: Landslides; power outages; road damage; a tsunami

7: THE ARDABIL EARTH-QUAKE OF 1997Date: February 28, 1997Location: Ardabil, IranMagnitude: 6.1 on the Richter scaleDuration: 15 seconds (4:37 PM)Death toll: 150,000 peopleResulting damage: Road and electrical power line damage; all electrical communication was impossible; water could not be distributed; hospitals overflowed with patients

6: THE DAMGHAN EARTHQUAKE OF 856Date: December 22, 856Location: the Alborz mountain range (present-day Iran)Magnitude: 8.0 on the Richter scaleDuration: UnknownDeath toll: 200,000 peopleResulting damage: The whole city, countryside, and mostly every near-by village within 200 miles of the epicenter were destroyed

5: THE INDIAN OCEAN EARTHQUAKE OF 2004Date: December 26, 2004Location: Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, and the eastern coast of AfricaMagnitude: 9.1 9.3 on the Richter scaleDuration: 8-10 minutesDeath toll: 200,000 peopleResulting damage: Tsunamis

4: THE ALEPPO EARTHQUAKE OF 1138Date: October 11, 1138Location: Aleppo, SyriaMagnitude: 8.5 of the Richter scaleDuration: UnknownDeath toll: 230,000Resulting damage: 600 guards in a citadel were killed, which was always destroyed; buildings and homes collapsed

3: THE HAIYUAN EARTHQUAKE OF 1920Date: December 16, 1920Location: Haiyuan, ChinaMagnitude: 8.5 on the Richter scaleDuration: Unknown (12:06 PM)Death toll: 235,502 peopleResulting damage: Collapsed houses, damaged rivers, landslides, severe cracks in the ground

2: THE TANGSHAN EARTHWUAKE OF 1976Date: July 28, 1976Location: Tangshan, ChinaMagnitude: 7.8 on the Richter scaleDuration: 23 seconds (3:42 PM)Death toll: 779,000 peopleResulting damage: No access to water, food, or electricity

1: THE SHAANXI EARTHQUAKE OF 1556Date: January 23, 1556Location: a 520-mile-wide area in ChinaMagnitude: 8.0 on the Richter scaleDuration: UnknownDeath toll: 830,000 peopleResulting damage: Caves collapsed, mounts and rivers changed places; roads were destroyed

TOP 10 DEADLIEST VOLCANO ERUPTIONSTen: The Mount Galunggung Eruption of 1882Nine: The Mount Kelut Eruption of 1919Eight: The Mount Vesuvius Eruption of 1631Seven: The Laki Volcanic System Eruption of 1783Six: The Mount Vesuvius Eruption of 79 ADFive: The Mount Unzen Eruption of 1792Four: The Nevado del Ruiz Eruption of 1985Three: The Mount Krakatoa Eruption of 1883Two: The Mount Pelee Eruption of 1902One: The Mount Tambora Eruption of 181610: THE MOUNT GALUNGGUNGERUPTION OF 1882Date: October 1882Location: West Java, IndonesiaDeath toll: 4,011 peopleResulting damage: Unknown

9: THE MOUNT KELUT ERUPTION OF 1919Date: May 19, 1919Location: East Java, IndonesiaDeath toll: 5,110 peopleResulting damage: Mudslides

8: THE MOUNT VESUVIUS ERUPTION OF 1631Date: December 1631Location: Gulf of Naples, ItalyDeath toll: 6,000 peopleResulting damage: Many surrounding towns were destroyed by lava flows and randomly ejected boiling water from the volcano

7: THE LAKI VOLCANIC SYSTEM OF ERUPTION OF 1783Date: June 08, 1783Location: southern IslandDeath toll: 9,350 peopleResulting damage: Dusty volcanic haze that created massive food shortages (the main cause of death after the disaster)

6: THE MOUNT VESUVIUS ERUPTION OF 79 ADDate: April 24, 79 ADLocation: Gulf of Naples, ItalyDeath toll: 10,000 + peopleResulting damage: the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were completely covered in volcanic ash and destroyed; temperature reached up to 750 F; victims were found with the tops of their heads missing because their brains had boiled and exploded

5: THE MOUNT UNZEN ERUPTION OF 1792Date: 1972Location: Kyushu, JapanDeath toll: 15,000-17,000 peopleResulting damage: an earthquake; a tsunami

4: THE NEVADO DEL RUIZ ERUPTION OF 1985Date: December 13, 1985Location: Caldas and Tolima, ColombiaDeath toll: 23,000 peopleResulting damage: a mudslide that buried the city of Amero

3: THE MOUNT KRAKATOA ERUPTION OF 1883Date: August 27, 1883Location: The Sunda Strait of IndonesiaDeath toll: 36,000 peopleResulting damage: 2/3 was destroyed; more than 6 cubic meters of debris went flying into the atmosphere

2: THE MOUNT PELEE ERUPTION OF 1902Date: May 08, 1902Location: Lesser Antilles (in the Carribean)Death toll: 40,000 peopleResulting damage: city of St. Pierre was completely destroyed

1: THE MOUNT TAMBORA ERUPTION OF 1815Date: April 10, 1815Location: Sumbawa, IndonesiaDeath toll: 92,000 peopleResulting damage: the year 1816 people known as the year without summer because volcanic ash in the atmosphere form the explosion lowered worldwide temperatures (it snowed in New England in June; 100,000 additional people died because of starvation due to crop failures in Northern Europe and North America