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Cutlery industry in Pakistan ,Its a Research basedproject(presentation)


Group Members Rao Zeshan Asad Raza sayed AB.Rehman Akbar Ibrar Husain Zaheer-ud-deen babar 042805015 083705-073 030740-042 060904-005

Cutlery industry(Pakistan,(wazirabad))


1) kitchen and table cutlery 2) Non-kitchen and non-table cutlery

Safety Razor Blades Erasing Knives

Scissors, Talilors' Shears & Similar Shears and Blades Therefor

Letter Openers

Pencil Sharpeners & Blades Thereof Forks ,sponns

Manicure or Pedicure Sets & Instruments (Including Nail Files)

Sets of Assorted Articles containing atleast One Article Plated with Precious Metal Forks

Ladles Pruning KnivKnives Paper Knives Other Sets of Assorted Articles

Fish Knives

Knife Blades

Table Knives

History Discovery of Stainless Steel (Henry Brearley1913)

Evolution of the cutlery industry Development of cutlery industry in Pakistan A Culture based industry

Locations Wazirabad, Nazimabad and Allahbad in Gujranwala district 300 units present in this region

Production and capacity utilization Almost 25,000 people are associated directly with this sector capacity utilization is only 30 to 40 percent 90 percent of these products are sold locally

Cutlery exports

Cutlery imports

Comparison b/w Imports and exports

Raw material Local (Gujranawala, Lahore) Imported (America ,China )

Production process

Production process..cont

Production process.cont

Scrap utilization

Technological level

Traditional style of manufacturing No technology According to world View

Pricing Cost plus pricing China is price leader

Government policies and incentives

Problems faced by industry Labor problems (bonded labor) Health Hazard Obsolete technology Brand Development Inconsistent government policies

Future prospects (after WTO) SMEDA , TDAP and other organizations are working WTO is a bad thing for Third world