ctk hackfest slicer and ctk november 2011 inria – sofia antipolis

Download CTK Hackfest Slicer and CTK November 2011 Inria – Sofia Antipolis

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CTK Hackfest Slicer and CTK November 2011 Inria Sofia Antipolis Slide 2 New widgets in 2011 ctkAxesWidget ctkCheckableComboBox ctkCheckablePushButton ctkColorDialog ctkCompleter ctkExpandButton ctkFlowLayout ctkFontButton ctkMaterialPropertyWidget (+ ctkMaterialPropertyPreviewLabel) ctkMenuComboBox ctkModalityWidget ctkPathLineEdit ctkSearchBox ctkSettingsDialog ctkSignalMapper ctkVTKDatasetArrayComboBox (+ctkVTKDatasetModel) ctkVTKThresholdWidget ctkVTKThumbnailView ctkPopupWidget (+ctkBasePopupWidget) ctkLayoutManager (+ctkSimpleLayoutManager) ctkVTKVolumePropertyWidget (+ctkVTKScalarsToColorsView +ctkVTKScalarsToColorsWidget) ctkErrorLogModel Slide 3 Material Up-to-date Image Gallery http://www.commontk.org/index.php/Documentation/I mageGalleryhttp://www.commontk.org/index.php/Documentation/I mageGallery Blog post about ctkPopupWidget http://www.commontk.org/index.php/Newshttp://www.commontk.org/index.php/News More to come Slide 4 Demo of slicer4 Main gui Slices popup / Window level popup Completer / menu combobox Settings / Layout manager Model Material Color dialog Color completer VR: Tranfer function editors Expand button Synchronize button Official Slicer 4.0 end of November For now, nightly builds: http://slicer.cdash.org/index.php?project=Slicer4 http://slicer.cdash.org/index.php?project=Slicer4


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