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Awards Ceremony presentation for Crossroads Toastmasters Club! (Animated and Themed)



2. Kevin Lyons COMPETENT LEADER 3. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about Kevin? 4. Survey Says Excellent Ambassador for Toastmasters encouraging others to succeed! TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT KEVIN:ABOUT KEVIN Speaks with simple eloquence from the heart and finder and founder of the Crossroads name! Very Professional, with good leadership skill! 5. COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR Ron Lares 6. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about Ron? 7. Survey Says Waves the Banner of Entrepreneurism and Thinking Outside the Box. TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT RON:ABOUT KEVIN Assertive, good communicator, always helpful generous and smiling! Politically passionate patriot willing to roadtrip to DC for the Tea Party! 8. COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR James Dalton 9. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about James? 10. Survey Says Good leader with sense of humor who almost burnt his house down! TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT JAMES:ABOUT KEVIN Eloquent, wry, entertaining, always delivers humorous and entertaining speeches! Great wisdom and advice, role model for what toastmasters stands for! 11. COMPETENT COMMUNICATOR Todd Mernin 12. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about Todd? 13. Survey Says Helps people walk a mile in othersGuccishoes! TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT TODD:ABOUT KEVIN One of the worlds kindest people with strong diversity of knowledge and speaking subjects! Ordained pastor! 14. ADVANCED COMMUNICATORBRONZE Becka Clark 15. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about Becka? 16. Survey Says Crossroads Distinguished VP of Ed, justifiably promoted to be the next Area Governor! TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT BECKA:ABOUT KEVIN Very professional, great communicator that speaks from the heart! Works with Girl Scouts and makes the best brownies! 17. DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTER Robert Gergen 18. What do fellow toastmastershave to say about Bob? 19. Survey Says Former Toastmaster of the Year and Coach of all Toastmasters! TOP 3 COMMENTS ABOUT BOB:ABOUT KEVIN Fantastic public speaker, Masterful hear a pin drop speaker! Has won speech contests in 3 Divisions A, B, and F! 20. CONGRATULATIONS Crossroads on yourFirst Anniversary!