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CRM and Ecommerce. Yoav Kutner


  • 1. Leaving Magento Whats next?
  • 2. JaryCarter CEO DimaSoroka VP of Engineering YoavKutner CTO
  • 3. Customers
  • 4. Dashboard
  • 5. Products
  • 6. Key Features Fully localizable and translatable System Help and Tooltips Productivity Tools (Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Pinbar etc) Flexible Workflow Engine (FWE) Automated Processes REST and SOAP APIs Users, Groups, and Role Management with ACL System and User Notifications Widgets Data Grids Report Engine Import/Export CSV data Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes And much much more
  • 7. ACL
  • 8. Grids
  • 9. Extend Entities
  • 10. Workflow
  • 11. Workflow
  • 12. Reports
  • 13. Web API
  • 14. Products Built with Oro Platform
  • 15. Come join the party and show us what you can create with Oro
  • 16. Tech
  • 17. Technology Stack or a Kid in the Candy Store PHP >= 5.4.4 Symfony2, Doctrine, PHPUnit MySQL, PostgreSQL HTML5 and CSS3 jQuery Backbone (in the process of moving to AngularJS) Twitter Bootstrap SOAP and RESTfull Web API Elastic Search
  • 18. Lets Start Selecting a Framework Modularity Testability Flexibility Community Adoption So Symfony 2
  • 19. Symfony 2.0 was published at the end of July 2011 During the last 3 years, the community released 2000+ bundles 800+ developers contributed to the Symfony core (and 500+ contributed to the documentation) 15+ million visits on the website in 2012 Symfony is the most forked PHP project on Github and the most PHP starred project as well The Symfony community started other well-known PHP projects like Composer, Twig, Assetic, Monolog, ... The Symfony components are downloaded 1 million times each month
  • 20. Projects using Symfony 2
  • 21. Twig A lot of CMS are using Twig as their main template system (Open-Source and proprietary ones) ... At one point even Magento was considering it ;)
  • 22. Best Practice: Quality
  • 23. Documentation
  • 24. Back story Why Open Source CRM?
  • 25. Market Challenges No CRM for eCommerce Flexible, Reliable, Open Business Platform
  • 26. Key Features Contact and Address Book Management Accounts Management and Merging Lead Management Opportunity Management Customer Segmentation Marketing campaigns management Campaign code tracking Case management Zendesk integration Embedded Web Forms Multiple Customer Channel Management Tracking of user behavior on websites Magento Integration (Web Customer)
  • 27. Single View of Customer Across Channels Magento Purchases eBay Purchases In-Store Purchases Sales Calls Email Campaigns Point of Sale
  • 28. Shopping Cart Recovery
  • 29. Commerce Integrations Magento Shopify ATG Oxid Prestashop Demandware Microsoft Amazon eBay
  • 30. Dashboards
  • 31. OroCRM Products Community Edition Enterprise Edition SaaS
  • 32. Customers
  • 33. Partners
  • 34. Open Source
  • 35. Open Source Oro Platfrom MIT OroCRM CE OSL 3.0 OroCRM EE Oro Commercial License
  • 36. Contribution Testing Code Documentation Translations Extensions develpment Implementations
  • 37. Marketplace
  • 38. Releases
  • 39. Contacts Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google contacts Syncing contact information with Social data (LinkedIn, G+, etc.) Contact and Service preferences Accounts Redesigned account view Lifetime value and other metrics Aggregated views on account data Support of multiple account types Automated merging Channels Customize and extend business entities in scope of the channel Improved channel management UI Configure lifetime value on channel and account levels Channel-level analytic data Marketing Segmentation and reporting based on web events data RFM configuration per channel Email campaigns and integration with MailChimp Integration with Google Analytics Predictive Marketing Engine Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Metrics Social Interactions and Data Aggregation Lead Scoring Multiple organization support Entity management on organization level Configure currency and locale on organization level Platform Grid views management and columns configuration Expanded and detailed record view for Grids LDAP and OAuth Enhanced Localization and Territory Management Entity for