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  1. 1. Cristina Andersson Award Winning Innovator, WinCoach, Author, Speaker Robotics Finland Initiator
  2. 2. Consultant Winning Business In the 90s I worked as a consultant. My topics had to do with learning: strategic learning, organizational learning, self directed learning. I realized that too often learning did not transfer into action, or even less into results. The realization was the starting point for my book The Winning Helix. To help companies win I developed WinHoc - a winning way to take initiative, create winning situations and thrive in what is important and meaningful. AdHoc is not enough when your best competitive advantage is creativity and being a step ahead of your competitors.
  3. 3. Robotics and Robotization Robotics and the robotization trend entered my life a couple of years ago, when we studied global technology trends for the BohoBusiness book. The subtitle for BohoBusiness is Victory Of Man Over Machine. Since then I have been a speaker and a promoter for robotics in Finland. I curated the First National Robotics Week at YLE studios together with the Ministry of Employment and The Economy. The week was a huge success, and initiated a lot of discussion in the media. I also initiated Robotics Finland. A platform to develop the Finnish Robotics Ecosystem. Robotization is much more than a technology. It influences the way we think about society, and the way we work. My competence and experience as a consultant and a coach have been of great value during the innovative mission for a better world with the help of robotics.
  4. 4. Author Food For Business, Mind And Soul Strategy for Finland 1993 The Winning Helix EU 2005 The Winning Helix USA 2006 Voittava kierre 2008 Bl Stunder 2009 BohoBusiness Oct 2012 Kateus tyelmss Feb 2013 BohoBusiness in English May 2014 The Winning Helix Trailer
  5. 5. Soprano Energy and Emotion While studying introspectively my singing and performing I have learned a great deal about the action-learning process that aims towards winning results. Preparing in detail, confronting an audience, building charisma, understanding the meaning of words and music, conveying a message, touching peoples emotions. I would have not learned any of that without singing. Nowadays I give concerts, sing for charity and also combine singing with my speeches. People learn so much more when they hear the message emotionally via music and human singing voice. It can be a life changing event. Its been that for me.
  6. 6. WinCoach I Can Help You Win. Winning starts from feeling good. When you and your brain feel good you are free to create, perform and to win. Feeling good should be the basic element of your being. From feeling good you create your winning mind point from where your positive and winning thoughts and intentions emerge. Those ideas cause you to take thriving actions and you end up with winning results. When you are in the situation where you need to let good things and winning happen for you, like a performance or negotiation, your brain needs to work automatically aiming towards great results, then only what is encoded in your cognitive system works for you. I can help you and your team and company to build a thriving action-learning process that encodes winning in your system. You will win more and feel good more.
  7. 7. Innovator, Inventor, Concept Creator I have always been interested in innovation and in learning new things. I love change and I love to see how people can better their lives with great inventions. I was awarded the EUWIIN innovation award for developing The Swing concept - a transmedial learning concept and a format to help people learn in a self directed way.
  8. 8. Blogger, Connector, Networker I am an active networker. I started to build up my network already 1999 when I met other singers in the internet. Together we organized The Inaugural Internet Video Concert using VHS cassets Youtube was not available then. Since then I have grown my network and I have about 12000 great contacts around the world. I also sold copies of the Winning Helix to over 50 countries via the internet before my publisher in the US found me. Also in the internet! I also coded my first website using HTML. Please do connect!
  9. 9. Teacher: My Mission Joy of Learning I was born a teacher and given the wonderful gift of singing. When I divorced I lost everything. Home, relationship, money. Singing and the ability to learn saved me from depression and alienation. Now I want to return the favor to the universe and teach the world to sing and to develop peoples learning skills to fulfill the fantastic dreams they have in their hearts. Thats what The Swing is about: From New Beginnings To Wonderful Winnings. It is my way to show appreciation and love to this beautiful place we all live in.
  10. 10. Win*win(+win) Winning must be ethical and at the same time we need to achieve multiple winnings and profits with our partners. Win-win is not enough. Partnership egotism does not save the world. But if you add (+win) and think of third parties to whom you could create winning effects you can make every action and cooperation a world bettering project. Not much needed. No fancy powerpoints, no large sums of money. Just the thought that what we do can improve something else or somebody elses life, can be enough. Charity Concert for Naisten Pankki The Womens Bank
  11. 11. Lets Connect and Thrive Together I can help you and your company win! Just give me a call. Send me an email. Connect in the social media. Id be happy to discuss with you how you can feel good and win more. +358-400-633190 i @winninghelix Thank You!