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  1. 1. SoftalkFor internal circulation only I April 2011directionsCreating Value and Delivering ExcellenceT hese are challenging times for us as we with only selected existing accounts as well as target value; namely: Analytics; Governance Risk & seek our spot under the sun, the unique few strategic new prospects. This focused approach Compliance and CRM Customer Insight. Through challenge that Birlasoft has, is to find awill result in more impactful efforts yielding highersuper-speciality centres dedicated to these nichedifferentiatable and serviceable white space in thevalue. Each of these selected focused accounts willtechnologies, we will be able to deliver value bytech-saturated market of today. After many intensive have a dedicated Business Relationship Manager applying our technical expertise with the domains.analyses we have arrived at our strategic approach (BRM) & Account Manager (AM) in addition tog We will also invest in strategic relationships withthat we believe will deliver us the disruptive growthother support such as an Onsite Delivery Manager;Domain-based Product Vendors to jointly createwe seek in 2011-12.a named Asset Management Group (AMG) and deliver a value proposition which is much support resource; support in bench planning andneeded in the evolving market.The continued mantra is FOCUS. resource allocation and leadership support. This is the broad strategic direction andtechnology roadmap of our organization in thecoming years.Sanjay GuptaGlobal Delivery HeadAs we march through these challenging times,my message to you to make this a success, is foreach one of you to focus on 3 key things:From a Business PersPective: From a technologyg Deliver 1st-time-right, with a 100% certaintygFocus on our 3 chosen verticals Banking & PersPective: g Work on operational efficiencies to drive a 38%Financial Services, Insurance and Manufacturingg We will align on emerging technology trendsGross Margin for the organization in the coming& Pharma. We have aligned all our CoE offeringssuch as Mobility, Cloud Computing and Social year (these operation efficiencies will include zero-with vertical needs to supplement the verticalizationMedia. While we have commenced demonstratablebuild or low-build cases, leakage control, cost perof the organization. initiatives in Mobility (under the SOA CoE) and we FTE, high utilization and training, among others)g Focus on being in the CORE of our clients are looking at reaping a new business win throughg Own a learning target. At an individualbusiness We are keen on being a strategic partnerCloud (as well as potentially, for across our Groupprofessional level, each one of you should set up arather than a tactical vendor and hence will extract companies), the Social Media impetus will begin in target to learn something in the next 6 months andourselves out from the periphery of the clients a couple of quarters.ensure that you meet it.needs and become central and core. g We will also invest significantly in white spaces ofWith this focus, investment and passion, I am sureg Focus will also be seen at an organizational/the market, that Tier 1 players have not yet saturated we will be able to create and deliver Value for ouraccount level We will pursue strategic relationships and those that bring and deliver high business Customers and for All.April 2011 1