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Creating Proposal and Managing Grants. Maria Whalen (508)856-6510. Introductions. Name Your Department How many years, months, weeks, days with the University? How will you be using PeopleSoft?. Housekeeping. Logistics Restrooms Cafe One - 15 minute break - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Creating Proposal and Managing GrantsMaria

  • IntroductionsNameYour DepartmentHow many years, months, weeks, days with the University?How will you be using PeopleSoft?


  • Housekeeping LogisticsRestroomsCafeOne - 15 minute breakParking Lot itemsHandouts


  • ObjectivesBy the end of the session, participants will be able to:Describe the business process for Creating and Updating a proposalCreate and submit a Budget ProposalPrint a Proposal Routing FormInquire on Proposals, Awards, Budgets and Expenditures*

  • Lesson 1Grants Overview

  • PeopleSoft Grants ModuleAll grants-related data is stored in one systemHandles both Pre-Award and Post-Award functions


  • Pre-AwardCreate/Update ProfilesCreate ProposalEach proposal consists of at least one projectEnter ProjectsEnter Budget InformationEach project consists of at least one budgetPrint Routing FormSubmit Proposal*

  • Post AwardAward is generated from Final ProposalNegotiate with Agency to achieve final fundingUpdate Final Proposal and generate awardActivate Project Budget, Contract, Billing Plan and Revenue Recognition PlanClose Grant*

  • Pre-Award to Award Generation*enterEnter Demographic and Budget Information into Proposal V101 (Decentral)Proposal is created and Proposal Routing Form is Printed. Obtain necessary signature.Submit Proposal in PeopleSoft and send paper work to RFSRFS reviews proposal. A fully signed copy returned to Dept once approvedIf award is funded, RFS updates proposal, makes a copy to FINAL version.Generate Award from Final proposal.

  • Research Funding ServicesSupports department and faculty in pre-award and some post award activitiesMaintain information on federal and private funding sources including standards guidelines and application materialRFS requires you to submit Paperwork for administrative review at least 5 working days for review and approval of proposalsAll application require RFS to be the official submitter*

  • Important ResourcesResearch Funding ServicesProposal Review and Submission PolicyIndirect Rate AgreementInternal Budget Worksheet*

  • Required Forms for Review and Approval

    Annual Progress ReportProposal Routing Form (PeopleSoft generated)Conflict of Interest Disclosure SummaryInternal Budget WorksheetLetter of Intent (only if UMASS is sub-other Univ is the Prime)*

  • Lesson 2 Creating a Proposal

  • Award Structure*Award000000000011111(same as Proposal ID)ProjectS61110000005024Budget Period 1Budget Period 2Budget Period 3

  • Proposal CreationProposal (called V101) is created with the following data:Institutional and personnel dataOne or more project descriptionsPreliminary budget dataCompliance informationStandard information about the campus, the sponsor, and departments and personnel involved in the proposal is captured from templates called profiles, maintained by the central grants office on each campusEach project within the proposal may have its own budget, with multiple budget periodsAdditional information can be tracked for the submission, such as sub-recipients, federal flow through, conflicts of interest, intellectual property and previous awardsProposal is assigned a Proposal ID by the system


  • Proposal ProjectsEach proposal is required to have at least one project. The project is used to track the fiscal part of the proposal and/or award.The project can be used to differentiate scope of work and/or budgets among multiple projects contained in a single proposal. Each project can have only one Department and one F&A base and rate.F&A distribution may be defined for the V101 proposal, but must be defined before the FINAL proposal award is generated. If applicable, decentralized offices will input this data. This information must be completed for each project on the proposal.*

  • IMPORTANT PRINTING INFORMATION You must have a run control setup in order to print proposals in PeopleSoftIf you do not know how to setup Run Controls please see me after class*

    *Grant Detailed budget information is enteredF & A and Cost Share are calculatedAward ID and Contract ID will be the same as the Proposal ID, linking the records in the systemReference Award Number and CFDA Number, if applicable, must be entered CFDA Number (catalog of federal domestic assistance number) The federal sponsor funding classification of the opportunity. It is typically identified in program announcements and award notices. It is applicable only to federal awards and federal flow-through, and is required by OMB Circular A-133 on the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal awards. *New proposals created will always use the defaulted version ID of V1.Amherst Campus will not be using the PeopleSoft delivered pages for proposal entrySome Campuses will distribute the entry of several elements of the proposal record to decentral personnel. All proposals for sponsored funding will be entered into PeopleSoft, either by Departments or by a central office using the delivered pages.The Proposal Routing Form will be produced via PeopleSoft, containing the initial demographic data entered. This form, whether system generated or not, will be used for all proposals entered into PeopleSoftHard copy/original signatures will remain a requirement of the Proposal Routing Form and routing will continue as is.UMASS will not utilize the delivered print functionality to print project data to sponsor forms at this time.Prelim projects will have a FINAL proposal and be generated to award.All proposal reporting will come from V1. Awarded reporting will come from the award side not FINAL . No reporting will come from FINAL except for rare circumstances.Generally changes will not be made on V2 proposal once it has been awarded.There are some proposals that will only have V2 proposals and no V1. When a new PI submits a proposal and they are not yet set up as an employee, another employee (one who would not normally submit proposals) will be chosen until the new PI is set up.

    *Boston: Most proposals will have one project set up at this time. The subdivision and institution will default based on the department. F&A distribution will be set up as soon as it is available by the pre-award office.