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  • 1. Creating Chiropractic Practice Success
    By Diamondhead Strategies

2. Meet Jon, DC, 33
3. Jon went to a good Chiropractic college.
4. He used to be an associate at a
well established Chiropractic office.
5. But one day, he decided to go out on his own.
6. He opened his own Chiropractic office.
7. He had a base of regular patients and got regular referrals.
8. He even spent some money on a website and a clever logo.
9. But things just werent adding up.
Between school bills, insurance, rent and staff his profit margin just wasnt there. Frustration was creeping in. Had he made the right decision?
10. Jon tried to think back to Chiropractic school. He couldnt remember being taught much about how to answer questions like, How do I get more patients? And how do I get them to come back?
11. He decided he needed some outside advice, someone who might really know how to attract and keep more patients.
12. Jon had heard about a company specializing in just that, DiamondHead Strategies.
He also heard they had a new patient guarantee. He didnt pay if he didnt get new patients.
13. After he called, DHS swiftly sent a consultant out, just to find out if they had something that could help Jon.
14. After learning all about his company and his current patients DHS offered him some options.
15. We can help you grow. they said. There are four areas we can start work on right away.
Marketing to the RIGHT people in the RIGHT way to build awareness & interest.
Improving your sales process to improve patient lifetime value.
Improving Your Business Capabilities & finding direction
Improving product delivery & service to improve customer loyalty.
16. 1
Marketing to your target. Who are they and what do they really want?
How do they want to be reached?
17. Jon was able to learn what the RIGHT customer was for him and how to market to them.
18. That meant a monthly e-newsletter, sales promotions and offering patients a way that they could scheduleappointments with him on his website.
It also meant improving the visibility of his website through SEO so that search engines could more easily fine him.
19. 2
Finding out what ELSE his customers wanted.
20. DHS helped Jon see how bundling services could improve revenue and what other products his BEST customers were looking for.
He also learned, through coaching, how to communicate the value of his products better to patients.
21. This meant increased cash flow and higher profit margins and greater lifetime patient value.
22. 3
Analytics: DHS helped Jon see the real health of his business and set up a way to monitor its status over time.
23. This meant moving forward Jon could actually SEE the impact of new ideas, new services and marketing on his businessand see when things needed adjusting.
24. 4
Uniqueness. DHS helped Jon see what was unique about him and his business.
25. This meant a better understanding of why his customers chose him and how he could brand himself.
26. Jon could now market and focus on what he did best in the eyes of his customers. Allowing him to create a WOW experience for his patients.
That meant more repeat business and referrals, as expectations were fulfilled.
27. 5
A plan. With a strategic direction and real understanding of his business Jon could be more confident about his future and the future of his business than ever before.
28. This meant better preparation,better understanding of his future and better decision making about how to use resources.
29. Through better marketing and sales Jon now saw more patients and better patients. His revenue grew and grew and assistants were added.
With a plan moving forward and analytics to track the plans impact Jon had confidence that his business wasnt just surviving but growing.
30. More patients, better patients, more often.
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